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S3 features

S3 talkback latch

It would be nice to be able to disable the S3's talkback latching at will. We've had several directors who have on quite a few occasions latched open the talkback on accident, and I have had to bypass the onboard talkback circuit as a result.

An option in the monitor prefs to disable latch, or if that's not possible, a double tap to latch like the ICON consoles would be ideal.

S3 features

Stereo lines into two faders

Hi everybody,

It would be great to have an OPTION on EuControl to set each S3 fader as one audio channel. For example when I have a Stereo String line, currently it will be assigned to one single fader, means that one fader controls both Left and Right channels simultaneously.
With my suggested feature, we will be able to have Left channel of String to fader1 and the Right channel to fader2 and so on.
Therefore automatically... more »

S3 features

VCA's across top row

Allow VCA mode as one of the options for the top row. VCA's would be displayed on the top row with the encoders acting as volume controls, SEL acting as solo and IN acting as mute. Pressing the encoders would spill.
This would allow you to have VCA groups at all times while mixing on the faders below. Too cool.

S3 features

Restore to last selected track

Say that you're working on some tracks on the S3.
You want to jump to your VCA layout or any other layout for that matter, make some quick adjustments for balance, maybe mute/solo a couple of things,
It would be great to be able to hop back to where you were. As it stands, you have to go searching for the track that you were focused on again.
This would be similar to 'restore last selection' in the edit window.
Work... more »

S3 features

Memory Locations - Soft Keys

If you already have assign memory location to soft keys and then you add new memory locations with number ID between the ones that already existed then the key assign changes automatically and you have to reassign the soft keys.

Memory location assingment is kind of dynamic now. It could help to be abel to lock soft keys to a specific Memory Location ID.

S3 features

Eucon preference to display MIX only or EDIT only groups in Channel View spill.

it would be helpful to have a eucon preference to display mix only or edit only for group assign.

There is currently no way in PT to change group ID letters and the S3 lays out the groups alphabetically, by group ID. Unless you are extremely organized and diligent with your group management, you end up with a fairly unorganized looking group list when you spill them out on the OLEDs. In PT, I manage my groups by keeping... more »

S3 features

re-assign/alternate select button via eucontrol pref

It would be great to be able to re-assign the select button on the S3 via Eucontrol prefs. For those using the VCA spill workflow, this would be killer.
I know that a lot of users find that having the select button in between the faders can be a bit tight. How about being able to assign it to a touch or press of the top or middle row knobs via a eucontrol preference. It could also work to use a keyboard modifier(s) in... more »