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S3 bugs

"In" keys don't show EQ band active status correctly

This is still present in EuCon 3.3.1 and PTHD12.2
latest firmware on S3.

1. make two tracks, insert any EQ (tested on Waves, Flux, Avid, MHalo)
2. on track 1 enable all EQ bands - make selection of 30sek and manual write automation. then make another 30sek selection after and disable all bands and write automation
3. do the opposite on track two. first 30sek all bands disables, then 30sek all bands enabled.
4. attention... more »
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S3 bugs

S3 changing auto mode on a channel twice requires double tapping the sel button most of the time

If you want to change the auto mode of a channel twice in a row, you have to double tap instead of single tap the corresponding sel button twice instead of once 95% of the time. In combination with the lack of proper visual feedback on the s3 this is very annoying.

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S3 bugs

S3 mute buttons malfunction when soloing channels

When soloing one or more channel, all other channel mute buttons lit up. This is not the appropriate behaviour. Their state should stay the same, just like in the edit- and mix windows. There is no reason why those mute buttons lit up, as it is already indicated that tracks are soloed, by their solo buttons being lit, as well as by the blinking clear solo button.