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Pro Tools bugs

PT 2018.7 Broken Xform Render Region naming trending idea

2018.7 bug: when dragging an Xformed region to a non-elastic track to render audio PT no longer adds the suffix Xfor-Xfor to the rendered audio filename. This makes it impossible to keep track of which clips have been processed or not, breaking a vital part of post pro workflow. See attached screen grabs for correct behaviour in 2018.4 and incorrect behaviour in 2018.7.

Opertaing System(s) macOS 10.12


Reduce pricing of multiple Avid/Pro Tools systems trending idea

I believe if Avid would do something, like reduce cost of software upgrades or extra purchases of Pro Tools software if the owner has multiple Pro Tools system, this would save cost of studios, plus make Avid software more attractive.

For instance, If I had a studio with four Pro Tools systems, I can buy one for the regular price of $500, but each additional license would be about $250, or something to that extent.... more »

Pro Tools features

Curve Automation PLEASE! trending idea

I would really like a curve (parabolic) feature added to the automation tools of PT.. Most every other daw (even FL Studio) has this feature and it is really helpful for creating smooth automation for cutoff filters, pitch bends etc... It sucks to have to switch daws to do it right... I was really hoping 9 would introduce this. Seems like such a minor addition. How can we make this happen??

Pro Tools features

Bus Soloing Feature trending idea

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We could use the ability to solo a bus instead of having to select all the individual tracks in order to hear the mix.

As you can see in the image below, in order to hear all the tracks routed to "Break Mix" I have to solo each one. It's not so bad when there are 2 tracks but with big sessions this gets complicated. As you can see in that image there are two blank spots next to "Mute" and "Solo." These could be use... more »

Artist Series features

Avid Audio Next-Gen surfaces with EuCon trending idea

I would like to see a new compact mixing control surface that will replace the Command 8 and the MC Control. Put the best of the Artist series controllers and the best of the Avid control surface together.

1. First would have to be full EuCon support. You should be able to expand to 32 faders (four units) with a transport unit like the MC Transport (or even better, include the function in a main surface, then have expandable... more »


Pace iLOK redesign. trending idea Implemented

I know this is really for PACE, but I figured since Pro Tools uses this I would still suggest it.

I believe the iLOK needs an updated look. Redesigning the iLok won't prove any performance gain or software features, but making the appearance of the iLOK updated with new gear. This will not be replaced with the original iLOK, but sold alongside with it as an option. Besides the appearance of the unit, a good feature... more »

Pro Tools features

Graphics GPU Accelerated trending idea

I think this will be less taxing to the CPU if the majority of the graphics runs off the actual GPU. Example. A lot of the plug-ins have meters, or some graphics that moves around. The bigger the session get the more taxing it is on the CPU. This will also be helpful if you have a quicktime or wmv movie in the session. GPUs are now powerful enough to work as a second or third processor. Running video and graphics off... more »