Pro Tools features

Submitted by (@jim0003)

Instrument name truncation prioritizes node count

Weird heading, I know. When you have multiple instrument tracks with the same instrument plug-in type, I.E., four Xpand!2 instances, they become titled as (Midi node#xxx): Expand!2 1-2, Expand!2 1-2, Expand!2 1-3, Expand!2 1-4, etc. The insert will truncate the name to fit in the insert name field to Expand!2 but it is not clear which is assigned to that channel as it does not read it out. Instead, something more ...more »


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Pro Tools bugs

Submitted by (@caitlinward)

Mbox3 No Activity on Signal Meter

Hey Guys!!! I recently sent my Mbox3 for repairs due to hardware failure. after waiting a month I got it back it worked for one day....Now whenever I arm an audio track for a Mic or Instrument it produces no activity signal on the meter and only picks up vibrations if you tap the mic, and even that sounds distant and distorted. If I import an audio track into protools12 it does generate a signal on the meter, and the ...more »


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Pro Tools features

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Solo mode selector button

Title says it all, it would be nice to have that, either an optional toggle button (like play or record modes) in the edit (or mix) window, or through right click on the solo button! Just a button for changing the solo mode (afl, pfl, sip) directly from the GUI. right click on it and you get a context menu with: pfl afl sip --- latch x-or or you can toggle through the modes with ctrl+click the same way it works with ...more »


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Pro Tools features

Submitted by (@janmuths)

relink AND MOVE/COPY missing audio files

Include a 'Relink and COPY to session audio files folder' as well as 'Relink and MOVE to session audio files folder' option into the missing audio files window. I know, file management should be nailed in the first place. However, I often receive session files from clients for mixing and I spend too much time sorting out somebody else's mess. These two options will make my life much easier. Thanks for voting this idea ...more »


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Pro Tools features

Submitted by (@marcoober)

Keep incomplete (real-time) bounces that ended with an error

When a real-time Bounce to Disk ends prematurely because of any error (90% of the cases are CPU spikes that stop it in random points), don't delete it, letting the user running another bounce from the point it stopped! Realtime bounces are still needed when passing through analog hardware. I'm using Pro Tools since 2004, and since then I had the problem of bounces stopping randomly; so I find myself running smaller, ...more »


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