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Pro Tools 12.2 Plugins Ignore the High DPI scaling in Windows 10

Am I the only person who is having this issue? I'm using a Samsung 28" 4K monitor and whenever i use any of the Avid plugins in Pro Tools (Specifically and of the AIR products and Xpand 2) my whole DAW window shrinks in size and is unreadable. Before image: http://tinypic.com/r/2lboltz/8 After Image http://tinypic.com/r/dot9aa/8 It's like as if the plugins overwrite the High DPI scaling done by Windows 10. IS there... more »


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Users that had CPTK forced to HD license should be paying the vanilla Yearly fee, not the HD fee for subscription,

Users that had CPTK forced to HD license when avid discontinued it- should be paying the vanilla Yearly fee not HD for subscription, As did not have another option and also we don't have any HD or DSP cards, this is something we paid for along with Pro tools LE to use basic things like more tracks and automation modes and at the time it was an add on we paid 2k for and continued to upgrade the LE version at scale and... more »


Pro Tools | Control features

Plug In Editing / Automating

Full iPad screen editing of any plugin. How it might work: * Click on plugin send with mouse within Pro Tools. * Instead of bringing up the selected plugin window within Pro Tools as it usually would, it simply highlights the send (perhaps red) and throws the plugin window directly onto your iPad screen, scaled to the iPads full size screen for real time touch editing. * Alongside/above the plugin graphics on the iPad,... more »



All in one download

Since we have an account on Avid pages that list all of our products. Wondering if there shouldn't be an all in one download that would obviously download all of your avid product in one go, instead of having to go through all the plugin list to get the plugins from avid you have bought, etc.

Pro Tools features

Add an Automation Event List

Adding an Automation Event List (similar to the MIDI Event List) would be a welcome feature to Pro Tools. To summarize: it would be the Automation counterpart to the MIDI Event List. Much like the MIDI counterpart, this event list would be a floating or docked window that would have a drop-down selector to choose the displayed track. It would list all automation breakpoints with three columns: location (time), parameter... more »