Pro Tools features

BASIC EDITING of 'frozen' clips - like Ableton Live

After using the 'track freeze function' I wanted to trim and duplicate a portion of 'frozen' audio, but Pro Tools 12.4 does not allow this.


It would be good to allow basic editable functions of frozen audio clips, like functionality found in Ableton Live 9 software. Using Ableton we can currently move; edit, cut, copy, paste and trim AFTER tracks have been frozen.


Pro Tools features

Track height - lock

It would be great to be able to lock track height or a group track height. I know one can make memory location to set and retrieve various track heights - however this would be faster.... particularly in post production editing and mixing movie soundtracks, when there can be hundreds of tracks, it would be helpful to lock track heights to a small size and still be able to see them on the screen but keep them small while... more »

Pro Tools features

20 Plugins Per Track

Advantages of Having the option to 20 Inserts Slot: - The user is able to space out their plugins into sections - More opportunity to A/B different plugins within the chain - Sound Designers have more flexibility - Mix down without need to convert to Audio Track - All plugins stay within the same section - No need to Daisy-Chain which saves Bus's - Saves CPU power because Buses dont need to be used - Save Time due to... more »