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Pro Tools features

Select Clips by Color

Select Clips by Color will really help to extent your workflow.

- When recording dialogue/Foley/Soundscapes and selecting the best takes.

- Preparing ADR & Foley tracks

- Export different stems all over your session.

- And way more options


And to finish this idea, Make the colors available for Apple Script or Something else programmable.


Thanks AVID!

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Pro Tools features

Strip silent

All parameters of Strip silent window (Strip Threshold, Minimum Strip Duration, Clip Start Pad, Clip End Pad) can only be edited with cursors, (with more precise edit using Cmd key (On Mac))

It's good but it would be better if we can edit these parameters in a numerical way. It would be more precise an more Quick.

Come on Avid, pass some little time to improve the use of your pro toy.

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Pro Tools bugs

Clip gain value is shown in Mac OS, but not on Windows

Clip gain value is normally shown in the left-lower corner of each clip. This happens when no clip gain breakpoints are present in the audio clip; otherwise, no value is shown.

Unfortunately, any value is shown in Windows systems in any case.


I observed this in Windows 7, 8, 10; Pro Tools 10, 11 (I have not tested PT12 yet).