Pro Tools bugs

Shortcuts only work with US English keyboard input language

Pro Tools is the only software I have where the language input type disables many of the programs shortcuts on Windows.

Even though my input was set to "US English (international)" I had to change to "US English" in order for all shortcuts to work.

(My OS language is Dutch)

I think this could be fixed, as no other software I have used encountered this problem.

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Pro Tools bugs

Fix Crash: Navigating Mac File Selection by Keyboard

When in standard, Mac-driven file selection dialog windows (e.g. Create New, Open, Import Audio, etc.) using keyboard-based navigation (e.g. Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Cmd+Up, Cmd+Down, etc.) too rapidly causes the entire app to freeze for several seconds, then crash completely, presenting the standard 'Send to Avid' option. This is not only frustrating, but also a great way to lose work! Known to occur in Pro Tools 12.7.1, ...more »

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Pro Tools bugs

When using clip effects, my keyboard dies

When using clip effects, my keyboard dies. It works for about a minute then anything on the edit screen won't work.

Play, tab, shortcuts - all dead. I can save and access the top menu bar but nothing else.

It seems to only happen when you keep the clip effects window open.

When i toggle it open / closed, my keyboard will be fine.

As soon as I left the clip effect window open for a few minutes it froze again.

Submitted by (@saqibhassan)

Pro Tools bugs

Keyboard Shortcut "Delete" Disappearing

I've just moved from PT 10 to 12. Since the beginning of time, I have used "Control+F" as an OSX keyboard shortcut for "Delete" in Pro tools, meaning I could select the tracks I wanted, and using this shortcut, delete them without having to "right click" or "command+click" or go through any menus. Bam! The tracks were gone, and it was great. I tried to delete a track in 12, and noticed this shortcut was gone, and ...more »

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Pro Tools features

Keyboard As MIDI Controller

This is a MUST now that Pro Tools is more mobile. Ableton has it and Logic both have it. It is a necessity for easily auditioning Software Instruments or even laying down ideas on the go - ie on a laptop. Why this hasn't been implemented into Pro Tools yet is absolutely mind blowing. Solution: It is very simple. Just like there is a keyboard focus button which activates all the shortcuts there could be a "Midi Keyboard" ...more »

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