Pro Tools features

Plugin and Automation "Playlists"

An additional "playlist" style option for each track that would let you recall plugin chains and automation sets.


This way instead of importing session data from previous mix revisions in order to undo silly client requests while still keeping all other mix revision changes you could just jump back to an other playlist of automation and plugins assignments/settings for each track individually.


Pro Tools bugs

Playback glitch while editing in stereo playlist view.

During playback, editing a clip on a stereo track while in playlist view causes a system-wide playback glitch the first time an edit is made, and then a playhead jump on the second edit. Mono playlist editing doesn’t cause the glitch, but stereo and LCR do. PT 12.8.1 doesn't exhibit this behavior, 12.8.3 does.


macOS 10.13.2

Pro Tools 12.8.3


Pro Tools features

Comments Box on Playlists (including shortcut to create comment automatically next to wav form

So when doing playlist recordings... we all know that comping can be a pain especially on a large scale.. so If you have notes shortcut key that generates automatically next to the recorded wav.. Comping would be a dream jumping into playlist view on a channel.. it comes up with all your playlists and notes next to each one about what you likes about each.. could be a good way of speeding up the monotonous task of listening... more »

Pro Tools features

Master Comp Playlist enhancement + Shortcut for Audio to Master Comp Playlist

It woud be amazing to have the ability to configure a Playlist as a master comp playlist. So when browsing through the different playlists you could paste audio on it without having to have it visible. If you have open all the playlists of a track, you can select a portion of audio of any of them and paste it in the playlist you have visible at the top. But, now since PT 12.7, you can navigate through the different... more »


Pro Tools features

Playlist Features: Add Double / Quad Comp buttons

Currently in playlist mode you have two options under the playlist name: "Solo" and "Up Arrow". When comping vocals it is very common to track a bunch of takes and make main vocals, double vocals, and quad vocals. The same could be said for comping guitar tracks or anything that needs doubles or quads. If you look on the left, those two buttons leave enough real-estate for possibly 5 more buttons. The buttons I would... more »


Pro Tools features

Commit into New Playlist

I would like to see "Commit Into a New Playlist" option in commit options window. The feature is self explanatory, instead of committing the track into another track it goes automatically into new playlist on that track disabling all plugins automatically or leaving that to choice. Volume and Pan commit would be automatically unabled when this option is chosen. And also to add the option to commit into a new playlist... more »


Pro Tools features

Better Big Counter

I'm sure I brought this up years ago.. The Big counter could use an overhaul. I'd love a mode where bars and beats didn't have all the junk beyond the bar and beats. It's so fast that it's useless 100% of the time. Usually if we're recording orchestra - that window is dragged off to the right out of bounds to physically cutoff that junk so the conductor only sees the bars and beats. This has been the case at... more »

Pro Tools features

Automation Playlists

It'd be great to have playlists for automation. I'm a composer who frequently mixes music to Voiceover. I'll often do final automation tweaks on the master music bus. I then have to find a way to bypass or change those automation tweaks if the client wants the music without VO for another purpose. If there were automation playlists, I could recall different automation needs within the same session without having to... more »


Pro Tools features

Solo Indication of main Playlist in different Color when another Playlist is solo

With the track view set to playlists : when the main playlist is soloed (hear the main playlist) and then another playlist of this track is soloed (hear that playlist, not the main playlist), the color of the main playlist solo should be different to indicate, that one does not hear it, but a playlist further down. Could help if the soloed playlist is scrolled out of the edit window view. One could believe to listen to... more »


Pro Tools features

Make the Ruler a Special Track.

I have long advocated for making the Ruler a Track. If it were a track it could enjoy all the benefits of playlists. Ruler Playlists would solve many of the wishes I have seen users ask for regarding the ruler. For example, when editing a song, markers become irrelevant to their original intent. With Ruler Playlists, a duplicate of the origin ruler could be made and the newly created Ruler Playlist could be named for,... more »