Pro Tools features

"Send to Audiosuite" button on AAX plugins

Have a button on the actual real time plugin that you're using that renders a highlighted region with Audiosuite.


This way you don't have to copy settings, open Audiosuite, paste settings and render.


Yes, I realize there is track freeze, but sometimes it's best to audition something through a real time plugin and then just render that one region, not the whole track.

Submitted by (@glitchfactor)


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Pro Tools features

Notification / Beep when finished rendering, bouncing, freezing etc

If I'm bouncing or freezing a large selection of tracks then the computer will be working away for ages. So I'l go off and do something else. Check emails, browse etc. It would be nice if Pro Tools gave an audible notification when its done its work. Otherwise I won't know its done and will lose valuable time as I get distracted with something else. Ideally you would have settings so that it the notification only kicked ...more »

Submitted by (@steve03)


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