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Pro Tools features

Allow Master Faders to be pre or post insert

With master faders currently being pre-insert, it is impossible to do rides, gain changes or fade outs on the master fader without affecting the levels being sent through plugins inserted on the master bus, which alters the sound of the mix, particularly when using compressors or limiters on the bus. Please offer the option to set master faders to post-insert, so that any volume changes to the bus do not affect the processing... more »
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Pro Tools features

'Default New Track' Preference

This is all about improving work flow:

Currently the 'New Track' dialogue requires a lot of button presses to go down the list and bring up a stereo instrument track or midi track

I'd like a preference to choose which type of track appears first in the 'new track' list.

If I'm tracking a band it's most likely I'll need a mono audio track to appear at the top of the list (should be the default behaviour)

But if I'm... more »
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Pro Tools features

Auto-insertion of plugins

I think ist's easy to implement: a configurable set of plugins that would be inserted on every new track (probably with Audio, Aux and Master subsets).

There are several requests for Trim, Phase, EQ and others available on every track: this could be managed if one could describe a set of plugins that will be automatically inserted on every new track of a given type.

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Pro Tools features

Multiple Bar 1's in a Session

The ability to import/create Multiple Midi file/Cues into a single session. Make multiple Bar 1's This is extremely useful in film work where it is can be better to have all the arrangements for a Reel in a single session. Changing the Tempo for 1 Cue would not affect the following Cues. Having 1 long tempo map is not an option for Film work.

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Pro Tools features

VST Support!

FXPansion's VST to RTAS adapter is buggy, it crashes my system every time. Pro Tools should have it's own VST capability so us Pro Tools users can have a much wider pallet of instruments using only one DAW. That one DAW should be Pro Tools and nothing else. Does this make any sense to you guys?