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Pro Tools features

Satellite, Video scaling of aspect ratios

I would really like features for Video Satellite (and PT internal) to play any format and aspect you throw at it, if you use a Decklink card for example. We often get 2:35 or 2:4 formats that need to be re-rendered to playback full screen in PT. I searched for this one and surprised it is not here. Perhaps I missed it?

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Pro Tools features

Midi Articulations all on 1 instrument track.

Imagine instead of having your staccato strings, your legato strings, and your sustain strings on 3 different tracks, they could all be on 1 condensed track.

I write for film and I have about 200 tracks in my template. A lot of these tracks are the same instrument but different articulations.

If we could route each articulation into one instrument track and then in the instrument track you have a time ruler where... more »
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Pro Tools features

ICON Templates

Similar to Session Templates, or I/O Setups I'd like to see the ability to select from multiple, user-defined ICON Templates (for D-Control and D-Command) that save the Operation & User Console Prefs, Custom Fader Groups, Plug-in Maps, etc. that could be backed up to a USB thumb drive.

This file would need to be saved within the Session folder hierarchy, but not be tied to it. In that, if I hand off my work to another... more »
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Pro Tools features

Easier shortcuts to the different windows!

I would like to use the numeric keys at the far right of the keyboard to be able to access different windows, like for example midi window, score editor, mix window, edit window, browser, system usage etc. Just one button, and they'll be brought up. no ctrl+alt+j and so on.

I already know that some of the longtime users is going to hate this. But I think it would be faster and easier to switch between the windows this... more »
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Pro Tools features

Unlimited Audio Tracks and Voices

Exactly as the title says.
Pro Tools 10 with ONE HDX card (c.€10,000) will give you a max of 256 audio tracks.
Pro Tools 10 (€605) will give you 96 audio tracks.
Pro Tools 10 with Complete Production Toolkit (c.€2,400) will give us 256 audio tracks.

Of course if one is to up the sampling rate to 88.2kHz or 96kHz the audio track limitation halfs, and further still if at 192kHz the audio track count is quartered!

........ more »