Pro Tools features

Size indicator reflecting clipboard content

A million times per day I copy a set of elements from various track types that I want to paste to a different location. Problem is that once you click somewhere else your selection is gone and you have to memorize the exact amount of tracks and types the audio you copied came from. Otherwise you paste multiple-monos to stereo tracks etc. Would be great if there was some kind of visual ghost-selection that shows the width... more »

Pro Tools features

Coalesce Volume to clip-gain improvement

When selecting a track and doing a "coalesce volume automation to clip gain" PT will notify you if you have clip-groups across multiple-tracks in there. At the moment you can only "OK" the window with then will do nothing. Instead it would be better if PT actually did the coalescing to every clip it CAN process and just leave the multi-groups alone. Would save a huge amount of time before a mix. How about two option buttons... more »

Pro Tools features

"don't copy if in the session" option

I'd like to see this option in the import session data window. Example: In a film project we often exchange tracks between an army of editors. Often I receive tracks that contain a bunch of files that I already have in my session plus new ones. Currently I can only set it to "link to" but that will keep the links to the drive or server I'm importing the tracks from if possible. But that's often not wanted because the... more »

Pro Tools bugs

Crashes and errors when importing clip-groups

PT10.2 frequently crashes when importing clip groups. Even when they are tiny. When you import multiple clip-at once PT will return an "altura ports"-error.

Here's a procedure to reproduce but it doesn't always work:

Hit "import clip-groups"

Select more than one to import.

Hit OK and PT will most likely return an error.

On the next attempt to import only a single group it will unexpectedly quit.

Pro Tools bugs

"check for updates" not working in 10.3 (and also 11.0.1)

I've been on PT10 for almost a year now but PT has not notified me once about an update. Right now I'm on 10.3 and when I hit "check for update" PT tells me that I'm running the most recent version. Although the recent one is 10.3.1. What's the purpose of this feature when I have to check the DUC weekly to find out about new versions / bug-fixes? Update: PT11.0.1 locks up when you ask it to "check for update" and pops... more »

Pro Tools features

copy/paste cuts for selection

Here's something that will speed up B/G track laying: Quite often there are scenes that A/B between two locations so you A/B backgrounds. So you find the cuts with your first background and when you lay in a second elements you have to jump to the same transitions and make those cuts again. Would be cool to have a feature that copies all the I/O cuts (not the crossfades and cuts within a clip) of a selection and when... more »

Pro Tools features

Parameter-grouping between stereo and mono.

When turning "pramameter linking" on in the grouping-window the linking only works between stereo tracks or mono tracks.

So when you have a track-group of 2 stereo and 1 mono all with a channel-strip only the two stereo will be parameter linked. This should work between stereo and mono with the same plugin as well. Otherwise the whole feature doesn't make sense.

Artist Series features

Easier creation of Eucon Layouts

The Eucon is so time-consuming to use. Before every mix it takes hours to set up layouts. Here's what I'd like to see: -Select the tracks in PT you want to create a layout from -Click a to-be-invented-button called "create new layout from selection". -Name the layout in the Eucon-app. Currently I have to scroll down an endless list of tracks 16 times to assign 16 faders to a single layout. Takes for ever in a film session... more »

Pro Tools features

HDX needs to be able to handle more inactive tracks

Currently it's impossible to re-reel a project that was mixed in a maxed out HDX3 session because you can not import more tracks. So currently it's impossible to re-reel a big project in HDX3 which can be a show-stopper. This is a very basic standard procedure that happens all the time so I think PT should at least be able to handle twice as many tracks as HDX3 is capable of playing to move whole sections from one session... more »