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Pro Tools bugs

Score editor very slow to open Implemented

Opening the score/notation view in PT9 is very very slow in large scoring templates. With over 100 tracks (or 200+), it may take 20-30 seconds to open the notation view for a single midi region. The key is the number of midi tracks. With scoring templates driving slave systems, VEPro, etc, that can run into the hundreds easily.

PT seems to have to scan and analyze every midi track anytime it goes to notation view.... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Fix Beat Detective "Capture Selection"

Prior to Version 8's update, Beat Detective's "Capture Selection" function worked fine. When you selected a range, it would automatically enter the nearest downbeat (since most drum editing is a few measures at a time). Now I find myself having to manually enter the selection, because nine times out of ten, it sets the selection to beat four of the previous measure.

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Pro Tools bugs

Fix denormalization problem with D-Verb

I have vocal on track 1 and 2 and have those bussed to Aux 5-6. On Aux 5-6 I have the D-Verb plug. As long as it is playing something my CPU usage is fine. But when I stop the track (or if there is a large section with NO vocal playing through D-Verb) my CPU usage starts to climb. When it plays some vocal it goes back to normal, but if left a few mins with no vocal playing the CPU usage get high enough to to cause PT... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Match duration should match duration

When relinking manually, if your file IDs have gone awry you sometimes want to relink by name only. Luckily, Protools provides this option. It even has a checkbox for "Match Duration" so you're less likely to match to a file with the same name as the file you're after but actually is a different file (eg "Audio 1_01")

Except the checkbox only half works. It won't let you link to a file that's shorter than the one you're... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

003 input monitor mode: wrong behaviour

on my 003, the input monitor indication works the opposite way as it should:


When I push the input switch, display shows 'InOnly' when pt goes into auto input monitoring,

when I push the input switch, display shows 'Auto' when pt goes into input only monitoring.


Track menu functions correctly though.


this has been around since I started using 003, i.e. pt8.0.1 and is still not fixed.

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Pro Tools bugs

MIDI bug with real time properties delay / advance Implemented

Was "MIDI transpose bug"

In ProTools, a negative delay setting in the realtime properties of a MIDI track causes the first note of a region to be shifted outside the region border, and therefore ignored by all edit commands (transpose, quantize, length, etc.)

In other words, realtime delay settings only effect notes, NOT THE REGIONS THAT CONTAIN THOSE NOTES! This is a huge bug.

For example, if I select A REGION graphically... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Random (unwanted) panning automation

ProTools 9.0.1 have seen this on several of our systems. The engineer will just be mixing away when all of a sudden panning information will start writing on a track. You can go and clear the automation track manually and it might stay fully panned, but after another few plays it starts righting weird extreme panning moves again. It doesn't occur during a bounce to disk, so if you manage to catch it all and delete... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Deleting region volume doesn't leave an even level

It used to be that if you selected an entire region in volume view and hit delete, it would delete all the automation inside that region and leave the region's volume level as a flat (same volume from start to finish) line that you could then trim up or down. Now, when you delete all the volume info inside a region it gives you a straight line, but it's diagonal based on the start and end points of your previous volume.... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Command-Tab to Pro Tools Bug (MacOSX)

Here's something I came across. I am able to recreate it on a PT 9.0.3 HD Native setup and PT 9.0.3 LE. Put simply, when you're exporting something and choosing the folder where it's going to be exported, if you Command-Tab to PT itself instead of say Finder or another application, the original export menu will come to the forefront and you can only Force Quit out of Pro Tools. Here's a link to a video I've made to see... more »


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Pro Tools bugs

Eucon Bogs down even the most mundane task: Deleting tracks

This is a Logic specific situation, but as Eucon is supposed to be Logic friendly - I think this is still appropriate.

If I want to delete lets says 20 tracks by holding down the delete button. If the Eucon is on.. it takes about a second or MORE per track as the eucon figures out how to update the console (in my case 3xmixes). It is indeed the eucon stalling the process - as in activity monitor the eucon has a... more »