S3 features

Submitted by (@heck890)

Automation indicator!

When working in Latch mode I don't see if a track is in automation. this is important since it's easy on the S3 to accidentallly touch a fader and put in wrtie that way... -a simple solution a blinking "rw" in the display -more elegant the whole display blinking - very nice: (like on the ProControl) using the mulitcolor LEDs to indicate the automation mode and status off- off green - read red latch/touch yellow - trim ...more »


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Pro Tools | Control features

Submitted by (@yoann0)

EQ Cycling - in Channel view

When having multiple eq on a tracks, it is a pain to use the Pro Tools Control app (here on a Pro tools Dock) as we have to use the Insert page to access other Eq.

Not only the Insert view doesn't give a direct access to the Eq, but its mapping is different from the EQ page, and often inconsistent.


Please give us the ability to cycle between different EQ inserts from the EQ page.


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S3 features

Submitted by (@lescooper)

S3 follows Scroll Into View

With the artist mix series of controllers, when you scroll into view on the mix or edit window of ProTools (either by right clicking on track name and selecting or by holding down SHIFT/CONTROL and clicking) the controller follows the selection and puts the track on the far left. This is not the behaviour on the S3. It would be great if it was.


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Submitted by (@atsm00)

Pro Tools Dock- Enable Flip Faders

This is a real killer... If nothing else, PLEASE enable the ability to Flip the fader to control Sends... I can live without the rest, but this was a basic (& GREAT) function on the Cmd*8, and is present, to my understanding, on the S3.


For those of us not owning (and not interested in owning) an S3, this one pice of functionality would really help.


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Pro Tools | Dock bugs

Submitted by (@studio13)

Dock soft keys disabled by changing window focus

Maybe these are features but I understand them as bugs. First off the default state of the 12 soft keys on the dock surface is un-lit basically disabled, this is confusing why they seem to have no default function and no unique assignment possible from the EuControl app. They are basically dead. This complicates the user experience and trouble shooting this issue. Pressing the bottom right soft key on the Doc surface ...more »


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