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4K monitor air plugins tiny scaling bug/glitch

I have a 4K monitor, whenever I load an AIR plugin my entire DAW will stop scaling and go really tiny, making it very difficult to use. I use 150% scaling for all programs for my 31 inch screen and whenever I load an AIR plugin it over rides the scaling for the entire DAW. The only fix I know is using a different resolution and stop using scaling, but I want a REAL fix. Anyone got any advice? I don't have an avid support... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

pro tools 12 4k scaling problems.. Will it ever be fixed?

Hi My name is charlie and I know alot of people are having this problem. I sent a request in a last year regarding the problem and im just wondering if there is any solution!

I am running protools 12 on my windows 10 4k laptop and everytime i load up the default virtual instruments and effects my screen goes out of adjustment and pretty much leaves protools unusable..

Is there any way of fixing this screen error or... more »