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Elgato Stream Deck Pro Tools Feature Request

The Elgato Stream Deck is not a "qualified" third party device to work with Pro Tools.
It works completely fine in Pro Tools on MAC OS, but does not work correctly within Windows when assigning a button to a hot key using the 'alt' modifier key.

Dear Avid support,
Setup 1:
If you are not familiar with the Elgato Stream Deck, it is a fully customizable LCD screen with buttons to trigger basically anything you please... more »
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Pro Tools features

Bring back the SD2 to Wav feature

One of the key qualities of Pro Tools was always its solid professionalism with regards to past sessions. Where you'd need three+ plus different versions of, say, Logic to open an older session in a current version, Pro Tools would just give you a couple of pop-up options, make a WAV copy of the SD2 files and you'd be back in business.
Unfortunately this wonderful feature ended with PT 10/11. I have a large archive of... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Intermittent pausing in operation

In ProTools 12.8.2 (perpetual), everything was running fine.
Suddenly, I had issues with intermittent pausing during session playback, plug-ins freezing then loading, meters freezing in place. However, ProTools didn't crash - just odd pausing 2 to 3 times every other minute on multiple functions as mentioned. Could a large buffer setting cause this issue (1024)?
Not really sure what could be causing this. I'm running... more »
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Pro Tools features

Presets for 'import session data' elements

I do a lot of session data import when I switch to a new mix using that terrible pull-down menu to select different options, which is cumbersome.

I'd like to set presets for elements I often use, (similar to window configuration) and be able to pull that up instantly.

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Pro Tools features

Mute MIDI when freezing tracks

Currently (PT 12.8), when freezing instrument tracks, it will not mute the MIDI output of that track automatically.

So, for example, if you're routing several instrument tracks to one instance of Kontakt, when you freeze the tracks, unless you mute the MIDI output of each one manually, they'll still play in the background and use up resources.

The feature I'm requesting is to simply make it so whenever you freeze a... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Collaboration tools do not work.

(This is a bug report which I prevoiusly posted in S3 bugs by mistake. Since posting this I've also tried relocating ProTools to the desktop and disabling my firewalls based on comments in other forums, to no effect)

64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate, Intel core i7-6700K CPU 4.00 GHz, 16 GB RAM, running ProTools 12.5.2

In collaboration tools, both the "invite another user" and "artist chat" buttons create a blank popup window... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Collaboration tools show blank window, no error message

64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate, Intel core i7-6700K CPU 4.00 GHz, 16 GB RAM, running ProTools 12.5.2

In collaboration tools, both the invite another user and artist chat buttons create a blank popup window that never populates (waited up to 20 minutes). No error message. I can close the window and carry on editing. None of the buttons in the track collaboration function appear to do anything at all, whether in the universal... more »
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Pro Tools features

Pro tools 12 Channel Preset

This feature would give you the ability to save your favorite track presets so that you can recall them later. If you didn't take the picture, I will explain a little better. Imagine if you have that perfect sound in one piano once. You can store that preset including the VI Instrument if the case, and you can recall it later. this feature would open an ocean of possibilities like save, presets for voices, busses, VI's,... more »
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Pro Tools features

Retrieve tags from CAF Audio Loops files

With the introduction of SoundBase with ProTools 12.7, I've noticed that if you don't like to download the provided free soundbank and want to use existing Apple Loops library installed with Logic, it doesn't retrieve the tags from those CAF files, but it can play them without problems.


I think it would be very very productiive having this feature!

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Pro Tools bugs

Bring back Full Screen mode! (removed since 12.6.1)

just installed 12.6.1 on MacOS El Capitan 10.11.6, upgraded from 12.5.2. Full Screen mode no longer works. I click the green button, and it just (vaguely) Maximizes the window, instead of entering Full Screen.

This makes Pro Tools break the standard of MacOS since at least Mountain Lion, and is a severe hindrance to usability on small screens like a laptop. The standard for MacOS is that clicking the green button enters... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

PT 12.6.0 bug: Fix CMD-click fine tuning of trim automation

As per title. CMD-clicking a trim automation node in PT 12.6.0 does not give 0.1 dB fine tuning of the automation, instead it snaps the node to the grid, even in slip mode. CMD-clicking regular volume automation still works as expected. (The current workaround is using the "extreme" track height temporarily)

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Pro Tools features

Mixer Playlist Feature

My suggestion is that the Pro Tools Mixer has Playlists. So for example:

1. You could duplicate a mix, try different things, go off at a tangent etc.
2. Create a new mix. "Zero" the mixer and start again with the option of going back to the original.
3. Move tracks between mixes. For example, duplicate a mix and get a better drum sound, then copy those tracks into the original mix that was otherwise fine.
4. Splice sections... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Event Operations - Change Velocity Randomize Bug

I wanted to Randomize a number of notes all with the same velocity in the MIDI Editor. So... I enabled Scale By set to 100% then changed the Randomize amount. Instead of simply randomizing the notes, Pro Tools is creating duplicates. The higher the Randomize parameter is set, greater numbers of duplicate notes are created. This is with 12.5.2 HD.

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Pro Tools features

Full support for MXF OP1a files

Pro Tools has support for MXF. Unfortunately, there are tons of different flavors of MXF around... As a broadcaster, we use OP1a files, containing video and 16 tracks of audio.
Pro Tools only imports the Video from these files. (Kind of odd for DAW software, no?)

Pro Tools currently only imports audio from MXF OPAtom files, which have separate files for audio and video.

Since our complete workflow - from ingest to playout... more »