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Pro Tools features

Multiple Memory Location Tracks

Working in post production, I rely heavily on Memory Locators for several uses :
- Marking picture cuts
- As a reminder of sounds that i still need to spot et other things that require some work
- Taking notes of director's comments
- Sometimes I also like to let the director drop markers while screening, that way the director wants a chang, he/she doesn't need to interrupt the screening or loose focus while taking notes... more »

Pro Tools features

Edit memory location - switch to next memory location keyboard shortcut

When editing track names and comments, you can switch to the next or previous track by using the keyboard shortcut [cmd+left/right arrow].
It would be very handy if this shortcut could also be used when editing memory locations. When the Edit Memory Location dialog is open, you could use [cmd+left/right arrow] to switch to the next or previous memory location, thus not having to close the dialog and double click on the... more »

Pro Tools features

Extra (and bigger than normal memory locations) ruler for songstructure

I really like the look and size of the Logic markers or marker ruler (faster and better to see). I would love to have a ruler just for Songstructure with no effect on the standard markers. custom size, custom colors and the ability to "jump" to those markers.

Pro Tools features

Memory Location improvements


When creating memory locations, it would be faster to make an option that changes the default Time-Properties of the new Mem-Loc like so:
* When my selector is within a range - Default a Selection
* When my selector is just a on the grid without a range - Default to Marker

Another option is to Enable CMD + ARROWS to change the Time Properties (Just like creating a new track).