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Pro Tools features

New Waveform Editing Workflow

We should look into upgrading the way in which we currently can edit a file by drawing in a waveform, ny ideas are:

-When Zooming in to waveform level, have a vertical scale in dB at least to see when it clipped, or how far are we from clipping
-Have an option to zoom and switch to pencil tool automatically
-Also removing certain things from a sound can be super hard when you can't actually see whats going on on the... more »
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Pro Tools features

Loudness waveform display

Have a loudness view (colour based) of the waveform on the clips in the edit window like you have in izotope RX.
The height of the waveform doesn't tell much about the loudness of the clip because you can scale your view, and with a big track count and small track size, it's hard to see the wave forms and have a quick view of what is loud or not.
A colour based waveform like in RX would help to get a really quick overview... more »