Pro Tools features

relink AND MOVE/COPY missing audio files

Include a 'Relink and COPY to session audio files folder' as well as 'Relink and MOVE to session audio files folder' option into the missing audio files window. I know, file management should be nailed in the first place. However, I often receive session files from clients for mixing and I spend too much time sorting out somebody else's mess. These two options will make my life much easier. Thanks for voting this idea... more »

Pro Tools features

Solo mode selector button

Title says it all, it would be nice to have that, either an optional toggle button (like play or record modes) in the edit (or mix) window, or through right click on the solo button! Just a button for changing the solo mode (afl, pfl, sip) directly from the GUI. right click on it and you get a context menu with: pfl afl sip --- latch x-or or you can toggle through the modes with ctrl+click the same way it works with... more »



All in one download

Since we have an account on Avid pages that list all of our products. Wondering if there shouldn't be an all in one download that would obviously download all of your avid product in one go, instead of having to go through all the plugin list to get the plugins from avid you have bought, etc.

Pro Tools bugs

File rename bug in 11.3.2 (possibly earlier)

When renaming clip and file name from within PT (double-click on the clip) the program will fail to rename it in the finder even tough it will show the correct name in PT as the file name. Example: -Create a clip and name it "test_file_one" -Double click and rename the file and clip to "test_FILE_one". -result: PT will tell you the associated file name now is "test_FILE_one" but when you look into the finder the file... more »



Mbox 3 Flashing light sequence.

I have been using my OS X Yosemite and Mbox3 together perfectly for the past 4 months, however my Mbox3 is now randomly flashing lights(Like it does when it boots) and my iMac says "Hardware not connected". I have updated all Drivers, checked the power source, changed the USB cable, and tried the Mbox on my other Mac that I have used it with before. Nothing I have tried has worked. Has anyone else had this problem/have... more »


Pro Tools features

New display counter

I would like to see a new display counter called metronome. This would be similar to the Bars|Beats counter, but would display the subdivision of the beat instead of the tree numbers that come after the beat, based on the grid value . Say there is a kick drum wave form on the and of bar 2 beat 3: Standard Bars|Beats- 2|3|720 My idea (metronome)- 2/3/and My reason for this change would be to make it easier for musicians... more »