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Pro Tools features

Aux created using 'send to new track' should default to same output as source track

When creating a new aux using 'send to new track', the output of the aux should default to the same output as the source track. This way, if you have already bussed your drums, vocals etc and go to add a new buss for reverb, parallel compression etc, it's already going to the right place. At the moment you have to remember to set its output yourself - I often forget and then wonder why strange things are happening later.... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Used Mono buses don't show up in "Yellow" on Mono Tracks

This is glitch on Mono Trakcs only (on the Sends slots).
Mono buses that are currently in use don't show up in "Yellow" to indicate it's being used.

For example: If bus 1-2 is being used on stereo track somewhere, bus 1 (Mono) or bus 2 (Mono) won't be in Yellow for when your setting a bus on a Mono Tracks Sends. So it looks like the bus is free but's really it's being used.

I'm currently using PT 12.5.0, 12 processor... more »