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Pro Tools features

Access HDX Card DSP while using Core Audio Interface

I would love to be able to use my HDX Card's DSP while using a core audio interface. I am currently using a Merging Technologies Horus which allows me to access far more channels at high sample rates through core audio/ethernet port, than through Digilink/HDX port. But I still want to use the DSP resources for mixing.


Thank you Kindly.

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Pro Tools features

PTHD recovery from HDX hardware power loss

a long shot ..


I'd had a few situations where I've accidentally cut power to my rack containing my MADI and HD I/O while a session is up.


At that point you get the usual "HD hardware I/O has changed. Save or Quit"


Is there code that could be implemented for Protools to figure out that the hardware is available again (if they're powered up) and continue on with the session open?