Pro Tools features

Submitted by (@petemarriott)

VST Support!

FXPansion's VST to RTAS adapter is buggy, it crashes my system every time. Pro Tools should have it's own VST capability so us Pro Tools users can have a much wider pallet of instruments using only one DAW. That one DAW should be Pro Tools and nothing else. Does this make any sense to you guys?


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Pro Tools features

Submitted by (@nickabraun)

Include a "Bounces" Folder When Creating a New Session

Currently when you bounce to disc, the audio file defaults to go to the regular audio folder. I always create a bounces folder in the main session folder and point all the bounces there.


It would be nice to have a separate folder already made when the session is made. Either in the main folder, or in the audio folder, or even have a preferences setting that lets the user decide where the bounces should go.


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Pro Tools features

Submitted by (@andy002)

Smart Session Cleanup Function

I would like to have a smart, half-automated way for cleaning up sessions after a mix is done.

The function should allow me to remove unused playlists, consolidate all audio files, delete unused audio regions and put everything in a new folder that contains only the audio needed for the session.


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