Pro Tools features

Pro Tools Halo

Release a version of Pro Tools LE with complete production toolkit (plus automation trim!) that works with Metric Halo equipment and call it "ProTools Halo". I'll happily pay $4k for ProTools LE that works with a decent front end. ProTools HD just is NOT workable when something portable is required. There is no hardware in the LE/M-Powered range that is good enough!


Pro Tools features

Trackhead moves during bounce+

Personally, I'd love to be able to watch the Trackhead scroll while I'm bouncing. The ability to scroll left and right while bouncing is a great new feature... thanks for that. also the ability to drop the cursor during a bounce. ya know... if'n you have to abort the bounce, you could just pop into were you need to fix whatever it is that you need to fix... Why does PT lock up (not in the bad way) during A bounce?... more »


Pro Tools features

CoreAudio Volume Control from Keyboard and Apple Remote

When you select "Internal Speakers" from the "Sound" panel is OSX System Preferences, you have control of volume from your menu bar, QWERTY keyboard, apple Remotes, etc. However, when using Digidesign's Core Audio, you lose this ability and the volume is pinned at 100%, allowing only external hardware control of volume.


Please correct this, it's a real pain in the ***.


Pro Tools features

end the limitations

while PT was once the int "industry standard" the big studios are going by the wayside, the big "rooms" less an appeal, and the small. home studio's are proliferating I recently read that many of the big studios in NYC are gone and the buildings converted to condos!!! with due diligence and room correction software, it's no longer rocket science to audio-tweak a room. Drop the proprietary hardware ideology and allow... more »


Pro Tools features

Play Midi When Editing Options

I wish that I could choose an option to preview only when editing notes. The way it used to be. In PT8 the preview now includes midi velocity editing. It's really tiresome to hear a drum hit repeating like a machine gun every time I change velocity. Or I'm forced to click the preview button on and off all day which chews up time. It adds up when you work 12 to 18 hours a day.


Pro Tools features

New shortcut for memory location's

MY ENETER KEY IS MISSING! So the latest round of Macbook pro's do not have an enter key (WTF Steve?)... and placing a new memory location marker has become a real pain in the ass. I would gladly do away with the right option key (Steve)... the way i see it, adding a new shortcut for memory locations would greatly reduce the time it takes to place one marker, at least on a new MBP anyway (you guys can send your thanks... more »


Pro Tools features

Hide all in edit window...

I would love to have the option to hide all, a shortcut, that removes the different views in the edit window.

It should work as when you choose the "minimal" in the view/edit window shows menu but also it should hide the track list and file list/bin, so that you get a clean edit window.

Maby it also hides plugins.

And when you type the shortcut again is all back to how it was again..


Pro Tools features

Assign different ID tags when BATCH exporting MP3 files.

As it is, if you export a selection of files you can only assign one value to the ID tags for all of them. Including track number, which is the most annoying. This means you have to go in after the export and re-tag the files with proper track numbers where appropriate. I suppose beyond track numbering, folks might say, "Just do different bounces and change the tags each time". And true, that WOULD work for all other... more »


Pro Tools features

Volume Slider in the Fades window

When previewing a fade in the Fades window, the volume and output path is identical to the last used settings in the Workspace browser. Trouble is, if you're not happy with that volume setting, you have to close the fades window, open the browser, change the volume, close the browser... you get the idea. Similar to what we added to the AudioSuite window (preview volume control and metering) it would be great to add this... more »