Pro Tools features

Multiple Trim Lines

Allow multiple trim automation lines on each track. Thus on a vocal track one trim line (A) might be used to reduce esses, while another (B) might be used to modify the pre-existing volume automation (Z). Then allow the trim automation to be coalesced selectively, e.g. coalesce B with Z. This way A can remain un-coalesced for later changes, like you want to dip essess by 3dB instead of 6dB.



CHANGE DEVELOPMENT PHILOSOPHY, become more music / creativity oriented

Start being a music company that uses software and hardware as a vehicle for creativity. Stop coding like a software company who just happens to do music. The developers appear completely disconnected from the actual workflows the software is being used for. This mindset is apparent from the way everything flows. Bugs aside, the software could be so much more creativity oriented while still leaving advanced features for... more »


Pro Tools features

Customfader function

DigiDesign please listen - Customfader function I have asked this quistion before and the more i work with customfader the more i would like to se a function witch could focus on just the tracks whos assigned to that customfader, here is how i would like to se it I want just those tracks who are in that CF to be showed on my screen, i dont want to have all tracks there as it is now, this must be possible, its dubbel... more »


Pro Tools features

Capture Strike Keyboard Section in Pro Tools MIDI Track

I think you should be able to use the Strike keyboard to program directly into a Pro Tools MIDI Track. The Pro Tools MIDI Track could output to Strike MIDI Channel 1 to Play the patterns in strike. This would eliminate the need to connect an external controller for creating the MIDI track used change patterns while playing a style in Strike.


Pro Tools features

Overlay audio waveform on Midi Edit window

There is a function in Adobe Dreamweaver where you can design a site in Photoshop then import that image into Dreamweaver as a "tracing" image -- like tracing paper -- and draw over it. The other day, I was lining up midi notes to match the piano recording of an audio file, and I thought it would be great if I could have a tracing image of the waveform directly in the midi edit window. I often add a second midi file... more »