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Pro Tools features

Pro Tools 64-bit Application

I think this wish has been semi-mentioned inside other wishes, but I wanted it to stand out on its own. A full 64-bit build is a must-have in the near future. Everyone who has bought a Windows system in the past 2 years has now 64-bit hardware. The advent of Windows7 might push everyone there over to using a 64-bit OS. 32-bit OS's/apps will not be around for much longer. Having access to more memory is worth alone the... more »
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Pro Tools features

Batch Track Naming

In current PT If I need to name 30 tracks e. g. Foley 1--Foley 30 I need to do it one track at a time. This is rather time consuming when dealing with large sessions. It would be nice if I could select a number of tracks, type "Foley" and let Pro Tools assign consecutive numbers to "Foley" automatically. PT should be smart enough to understand that if I type "Foley 10" I need track names start from 10 and on.
And it would... more »
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Pro Tools features

Include a "Bounces" Folder When Creating a New Session

Currently when you bounce to disc, the audio file defaults to go to the regular audio folder. I always create a bounces folder in the main session folder and point all the bounces there.


It would be nice to have a separate folder already made when the session is made. Either in the main folder, or in the audio folder, or even have a preferences setting that lets the user decide where the bounces should go.

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Pro Tools features

Native version of HEAT (currently HD Accel/HDX/HD Software only)

We hear processing is the reason it is HD only. Well make it to where the plug can be bypassed in the mixer on slower systems. How can we have true cross platform/ native to HD compatibility if some versions of PT9 can't use heat.Not to mention CPU power double every year. So not enough native power is no longer an excuse. Do it pretty please.


Title updated from "Heat in PT9 mixer standard"