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Pro Tools features

PT Native 32/64-bit with Pro Tools HD Features

ReWrite PT Native into something new and forward thinking. Go beyond making it a program that will work inside of a 64 bit environment and make a truly 64 bit program in it's own right. Give it a set of features that not only meets what your competiton is offering, but exceeds it on all fronts.


Raise the bar and let Native take full advantage of the awesome power of todays PC's and Mac's.

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Pro Tools features

Include Disk Caching in ALL PT Versions

Why keep limiting features that aren't hardware dependent? Why cripple us on purpose? It's not cool guys. I sold my HD system because of stuff like this and I'm holding out on my PT 9 upgrade because it's just flat out disrespectful that Avid would continue these type of practices after all the change talk last year.

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Pro Tools features

Retain Bounce settings or allow user export/bounce presets

The export and bounce windows are super klunky. They don't remember export settings from session to session, and I'm always repeating the same actions. Then you forget to change one, bounce and whoops you have to do it all over again.

It would be nice to be able to save user presets of all of these and have them transfer between export and bounce windows.

For example I generally only bounce things 3 ways: Highest quality... more »
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Pro Tools features

PT10 + CPTK -> PTHD upgrade

Having invested in CPTK I or II, we don't agree in paying again just to maintain features.
The so far described new features of PT11 don't justify a higher upgrade price for CPTK users, since there are not more features implemented exclusively for CPTK and HD users.
We suggest a reasonable upgrade price from PT10 + CPTK II to PTHD11 and more competitive upgrade pricing for future upgrades.

Students with the 4 year upgrade... more »
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Pro Tools features

"Extended Bounce" function (Commit Tracks)

I have been told by people that offline bounce is not possible on protools. But this feature would speed up the whole bounce process. In my work I need to work speedy and protools often doesn’t let me reach my deadline

Lately I am trying to bounce tracks by assigning them to separate busses and create audio tracks that record each bus separately. In theory this is faster because you can bounce more tracks at once. Still,... more »
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Pro Tools features

VCA's while in Record Mode

I use Pro Tools to both multitrack and create live broadcast mixes at the same time. VCA masters are great but it would be nice to have them work while recording. I know that they work through automation and that gets disabled on audio tracks while in record mode which essentially turns off fader control via the VCAs. Right now I use a lot of convoluted bussing through aux tracks in order to make this work, which is not... more »