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Pro Tools features

Pro Tools Halo Implemented

Release a version of Pro Tools LE with complete production toolkit (plus automation trim!) that works with Metric Halo equipment and call it "ProTools Halo". I'll happily pay $4k for ProTools LE that works with a decent front end. ProTools HD just is NOT workable when something portable is required. There is no hardware in the LE/M-Powered range that is good enough!

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Pro Tools features

end the limitations Implemented

while PT was once the int "industry standard" the big studios are going by the wayside, the big "rooms" less an appeal, and the small. home studio's are proliferating

I recently read that many of the big studios in NYC are gone and the buildings converted to condos!!!

with due diligence and room correction software, it's no longer rocket science to audio-tweak a room. Drop the proprietary hardware ideology and allow... more »
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Pro Tools features

Track height Implemented

Make an option so that all of the tracks can be resized to the same size at the same time, because I have had an issue where I add a track then make it larger to see the plug-ins, then I click "-" to make it smaller and all tracks go smaller but the larger track remains larger... (Struggling to make my point... It's more about the way it looks than an issue!)

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Pro Tools features

More supported languages Implemented

It would really appreciated for many users if PT could be translated in more languages. I think in particular about french wich is my main language, but I'm pretty sur that spanish, german... users will love it. We do represent a huge community of ProTools users and although I defend myself in english, sometimes...

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Pro Tools features

Read/ Write to any volume (with a warning about max # of tracks) Implemented

Originally brought up as a comment in another idea (about reading/ writing to SD cards)...

It would be nice is if Pro Tools would allow you to read & write to ANY volume, but give you a statistical warning such as, "This drive only supports xMB/s. You can safely record up to x# tracks at your current sample rate and bit depth."

There are so many times I'd like to grab something from the office on a thumb drive or SD... more »
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Pro Tools features

avidFRIENDS - Session Sharing Implemented

:Working on the same session with someone at the same time:
This would allow Pro tools the option to have

1. Screen Sharing Session - To allow pro tools users to send request and except session sharing simultaneously working on the same project & create a pro tools friend Login for easy friend online access.Real time session sharing with the option of both users to session save to there hard drive

2. Video sharing... more »
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Pro Tools features

Update Cloud Collaboration to allow different versions of the same project Implemented

The biggest hurdle in using cloud collaboration is the inability to version projects. This greatly hinders our ability to work backwards when needed.


For what it's worth, I have not had one session in the last 15 years that I did not need to work backwards.

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Pro Tools features

easier entry of session timecode start Implemented

Film and TV composers have to enter new session time code starts on previously recording sessions no less than 20 times a day because we often re-use the same thematic material in several different locations of a film or TV episode.

ProTools hits us with this pop-up message on every digit entry, i.e. - hours:(popup)minutes:(popup)seconds:(popup)frames:(popup) when entering a new time code start (see pop-up message below),... more »
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Pro Tools features

ProFire light bridge AND AES/EBU input support for PT LE Implemented

I very often find myself in a situation where i would like to get more DIGITAL signals into PT LE. Support for the M-Audio ProFire Light Bridge would be a great and affordable solution. Only M-Powered is supported at this moment.

Next to the light bridge i think an alternative device with AES/EBU digital input support would be even better. Only PT HD allows you to input AES/EBU digital signals. This should also be possible... more »