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Pro Tools bugs

Entire session is selected and goes into reverse color scheme intermittently when selecting a Clip

Since protools 8 i've had this intermittent bug that when you select a region sometimes an accidental mouse drag or other trigger occurs and the entire session is selected and goes into reverse color scheme. the only way to get out of this mode is to select another spot on the timeline. sometimes it takes a few tries to actually get it to stop behaving this way. sorry its not repeatable, its hard to know when its going... more »

Pro Tools bugs

Text in Track Comments is not displayed while editing

This is what it looks like when I type a comment in the mix window in PT 8.1.1. See attached file.

I can't see what I'm typing until I hit return.

Strangely, the FIRST comment works, but every comment after the first has this white on white hieroglyphic behavior while typing, making it impossible for me to use.

This behavior has existed for me in ProTools as far back as I can remember.Please tell me I'm not the only... more »

Pro Tools bugs

Select Unused ⌘⇧U Clear Selected ⌘⇧B should remove ALL unused

This function just doesn't work.
You perform it, then you're immediatley able to perform it again which should be impossible.
And again and again.
Then it seems like you've got rid of all unused.
But then you save then restart your session and you can do it again. And again.
Then you save then restart your session and you can do it again.

And normally by then you have actually cleared all unused.

Pro Tools bugs

Fix -9129 bugs with HD Native cards

This is a too common bug that frequently hassles HD Native users, sometimes making their new systems unusable.

""Audio processing could not complete due to conflicts with other CPU tasks or a potential clocking issue. If this occurs often, verify your sync cables or try changing the HW Buffer Size setting in the Playback Engine dialog. In most cases a larger HW buffer size will prevent the problem. (-9129)"

DUC forum... more »

Pro Tools bugs

Clip Gain Breaks Nudge Functionality

In Pro Tools 10, the use of Clip Gain disables the ability to nudge using any value not in the nudge menu.

To reproduce this bug:

1. Manually enter a custom nudge value that isn't one of the values in the menu (say, 22ms).

2. Nudge some stuff (clips, selections, cursor -- anything), and notice that it works as expected.

3. Adjust the clip gain on any clip anywhere in the session.

4. Now nudge some more stuff (it... more »

Pro Tools bugs

Hitting write to selection writes automation to entire track

This report refers to this feature request:

When you have nothing selected and hit write to selection after tweaking things in preview mode PT will write the current settings to the entire track. Backward and forward in time essentially deleting everything on the entire track.

The feature is called "write to selection". If nothing is selected... more »

Pro Tools bugs

Overviews in WAV files are always recalculated when reopening sessions

Quite frequently, when I open a session that I literally had created an hour or 2 before, on the very same rig with the very same hard drives, PT 10 starts to calculate all the overviews all over again. This also changes the date modified of all those WAV files, which causes my sync software to recopy tons of audio that is already backed up.

The worse problem is of course that it slows down the whole rig while it's... more »

Pro Tools bugs

Avid Video Engine never loads with Pro Tools HD 11.0 or higher

I just installed Pro Tools 11 HD on my mid 2011 27" iMac 3.4GHz with 16 GB RAM running OS X 10.8.4. I am using an HD Native Thunderbolt interface connected to an Apogee Symphony IO. Although 10 HD works fine, when I try to load 11, I cannot load the video engine. When loading a session with video I get this error:

"The Video Engine must be enabled to work with video. Would you like to enable it now?"

When I click Yes,... more »

Pro Tools bugs

ADC is incorrect with AOS Plug-ins in PT11

Audio from a plug-in using Aux Output Stems (AOS) is not delay compensated properly in Pro Tools 11.

Repro Steps:
1. Create one Instrument track and instantiate an AOS enabled VI plug-in such as Strike, Structure, UVI Workstation, etc.
2. Create two stereo Aux tracks and assign the inputs to different AOS outputs from the VI.
3. On the first Aux track, instantiate a plug-in that incurs a delay, such as the Pro Expander... more »

Pro Tools bugs

-9173 ProTools ran out of CPU power during real time bounce 11.2

With minimal plugins and 2% total CPU displayed on the System Usage meter AAE -9173 abruptly cancels a real-time bounce stating ProTools ran out of CPU power yet offline bounce yields no such error. One DUC user pulled all 3rd party plugins out of the AAX folder with the same results.
Rolled back to 11.1.3 and can bounce real time with no issue. 11.2.x problem.
Referenced here: more »

Pro Tools bugs

HDX Latency

on HDX there is an error that occurs occasionally where a very noticeable delay randomly appears on record enabled tracks when recording or even when transport is not running. It seems to be ADC related and was not present on older HD systems.

As this issue appears both on ProTools HD 10 and 11, it seems to be hardware (firmware) related.

There have been various reports of what may be the cause, including certain (non-DSP)... more »