Bring back the Tech Support Utility!

Bring back the Tech Support Utility for deleting preferences and databases! Digidesign used to provide a little utility app that deletes your preferences and databases automatically. It was the handiest little utility (for obvious reasons), but it has disappeared from the Avid offerings! This is simple little script that would take 15mins for a competent programmer to write. It would save a lot of time for the end... more »



Application Manager needs Update All option

Updating items in the application manager is an enormous pain. I currently have 18 items that need to be updated. For each of these items, I have to: * Click Update * Click Install * Click five different Agree/Continue/etc. buttons * Enter my password That's for each item. There's no need to determine if it can be installed (it's already installed, just tell me if it CAN'T be), accept license agreement (I've already... more »



New HD Subscription Model

12.5 HD here, subscription expired end of May, not renewed. Let alone restart from $999. Not for the price in itself, but because, really, there's a lot of things I am paying for that I am not using at all. I am not interested in their support, cloud collaboration, "pro" plugins, and I don't think I am alone here. So Avid should sell a "basic" HD subscription, $ 180 - $ 200 MAX per year, including just the backbone of... more »



192kHz Grand Piano TDM (not RTAS) Plugin from AIR

192kHz Grand Piano TDM (not RTAS) Plugin from AIR There are many on the market but they all use RTAS / AU / VST which is limiting for alot of Pro Tools users. Sample to 100 layers + , to get the most precise touch. e.g. Boesendorfer with Optical sensors, Steinweg (way), Yamaha, Petrof etc... Also include in this list a STRIKE, ORCHESTRA, SYNTH, BASS, GUITAR, CHOIR with words - but this time with 100% clear articulation... more »



ProTools Books

How about selling the ProTools course books e.g. 110, 201, 210, 310? They are a great reference source and would generate revenue for Digidesign. If we wanted to "upgrade" and sit the exam(s), we could pay an additional fee.



Avid needs to separate hardware and software purchases

If I have any version of the MBox and a full, updated copy of PTLE, why do I have to purchase another full copy of PTLE to gain access to a second MBox form factor? There should be a lower priced hardware-only purchase option that is separate from the software license. This will increase purchases of your lower-end interfaces such as the MBox Micro which are meant to be a method of taking PTLE portable on the same machine... more »



iLok Authorizations should display VERSION NUMBERS.

I would like to see ilok authorizations which said "Velvet 1.3" instead of "Velvet", so that when my "Velvet" suddenly stopped working when I was forced to upgrade to the thousand-dollar version of Pro Tools 10, I would know immediately that it was because I have not also paid the additional $50 Avid wants for me to upgrade from Velvet 1.x.x to Velvet 1.3. Seeing this version number on ALL my iLok autos would make these... more »



HD Native PCIe to Thunderbolt unit exchange

In light of the move to thunderbolt away from PCIe in newer computers (especially Macs), I would like to see Avid offer some kind of hardware exchange of the PCIe HD Native card to the Thunderbolt HD Native interface. I know we can use a chassis, but this would be more convenient (and we don't have to deal with fans/noise). It should be a reasonably priced exchange (no more than a cheap chassis). Eligibility could... more »