fix Mbox 3 Pro

My new MBox 3 Pro is a buggy piece of equipment that desperately needs a firmware update ASAP!
- May or may not connect with mac on boot up.
- Headphone output may or may not function properly.
- Master volume knob may or may not give erratic levels.
- The gain pots on the pres behave stupidly in that there is next to no gain until the last couple of millimetres of the knob turn which makes fine tuning out of the question.... more »


2nd Generation HD Accel Cards (FPGA/DSP Hybrid)

Even with Computer CPUs becoming more powerful by the day, I think that specialty cards like the HD Accel Cards still have an advantage when connected to Pro Tools. Latency will be lower, the computer will not have to work as hard, and you will have more power overall. By adding a accelerated card will "supercharge" your machine, reducing processes needed for the CPU, letting the cards do all mixing chores. The features... more »


iLok "laws" are too tight

This is NOT a subject regarding the presence of or the need for copy protection systems.

It is about unnecessary money driven restrictions when the need for moving licenses and/or iLoks arises. I would like to sell my Pro Tools M-Powered 8 and I'm facing the following situation. I have other licenses stored on the iLok (that came with the product). I will then move these licenses to another iLok, leaving only the M-Powered... more »


Listen to users

Some of the most popular feature requests on here were originally posted in 2009. Things like track folders, which are available in virtually every other DAW, but even more needed in Pro Tools, where film mixers have several hundred tracks to grapple with. That's a lot of scrolling.

Instead of focusing on things like Atmos integration, which affects a tiny fraction of your users, please implement the features your larger... more »


License the ICON network Control format

So that you get a revenue stream from:
Smart AV
etc. etc

Perhaps us editors might then get a control surface that is more sophisticated than the Command 8 but smaller than any of the Icons. Also suited to key combo button quickkeys on a touch screen with the ability to patch into an Icon on the Dub stage to do editing changes to the music (for us music editors) without the need to offload... more »


Pace iLOK redesign.

I know this is really for PACE, but I figured since Pro Tools uses this I would still suggest it.

I believe the iLOK needs an updated look. Redesigning the iLok won't prove any performance gain or software features, but making the appearance of the iLOK updated with new gear. This will not be replaced with the original iLOK, but sold alongside with it as an option. Besides the appearance of the unit, a good feature... more »


Import Session DATA option

When importing session DATA from a different session. (Let's say, for example, importing a Voice Over into a documentary from a separate VO session...) It is very handy to utilize the 'offset' feature on some occasions.

I would like to propose that marker information be linked to the offset as well as the media being imported. The markers are rendered useless in this instance the way the import session data feature is... more »


Reduce pricing of multiple Avid/Pro Tools systems

I believe if Avid would do something, like reduce cost of software upgrades or extra purchases of Pro Tools software if the owner has multiple Pro Tools system, this would save cost of studios, plus make Avid software more attractive.

For instance, If I had a studio with four Pro Tools systems, I can buy one for the regular price of $500, but each additional license would be about $250, or something to that extent.... more »