CHANGE DEVELOPMENT PHILOSOPHY, become more music / creativity oriented

Start being a music company that uses software and hardware as a vehicle for creativity. Stop coding like a software company who just happens to do music. The developers appear completely disconnected from the actual workflows the software is being used for. This mindset is apparent from the way everything flows. Bugs aside, the software could be so much more creativity oriented while still leaving advanced features for... more »



Develop Pro Tools for Music and Post software separately

I'm gonna get some flack maybe, but its just getting to the point where the two disciplines are demanding too many specific and complex features that just aren't needed in one or the other. Both disciplines would benefit greatly from having the development split and would result in a far better product for each. Ground rules: Hardware must be 100% compatible on either version. If you want to add either version for your... more »



Change key command for reading audio file metadata

I hit the key command "cmd+left click" several times everyday by accident, when changing to the selector tool by hitting cmd+3 and then clicking somewhere in the timeline very fast. So cmd is still pressed for the blink of an eye when I click. Since I mostly work with huge sessions, it takes really long, until reading metadata is finished. Please change this command to something like ctrl+alt+cmd+click or the like, so... more »



A 2TB EX HD 4 SVing or transf w/ firewire co/w/ST i/o+HP o

First off don't kill me but i don't use Protools but my idea is A 2 Terabyte External Hard Drive and Stereo In and Out with a Firewire connected Sound Card (ultra compact) with headphone out and a version of Protools on the hard drive that you can plug into any cpu with out installing anything on the cpu (connecting via firewire) . The concept... more »


C|24 Gain Reduction Meter

I know that Avid dont like it to invest very much after a product release, what usually leads to moderate functioning firmware and bad drivers. But a C|24 is for the customer an investment, that real good support deserved.... the Gain Reduction meter should be implemented in the C|24 software / driver / firmware. Even for Mono Channels... The systematic devaluation of hardware and software in almost an annual basis... more »



EUCON: In Windows 7 under Parallels, shift key not mapping correctly

I'm using a System 5 MC with EUCON, Mac OS X Yosemite. I've set up Windows 7 SP 1 under Parallels. In the Windows environment, the shift key isn't responding. I am able to capitalize words with the Shift Lock key, but otherwise it's impossible to access the upper layer of characters. That is, you can type characters such as A, B, C, etc. by using the shift lock key, but any other character that requires the regular... more »