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Eleven Rack features

11R Foot controller

It would be excellent if Avid could commission a foot controller for the 11R, something based around the Behringer FCB1010 would be the best option as it has a relatively small foot print for live work.

The controller should have this basic functionality:

1. LED screen on foot controller that displays rig name and also the tuner

2. Simply up/down and select pedals for the rig presets

3. 6 pedals in stomp mode so you... more »
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Eleven Rack features

Expression Pedal: Switch Auto-Engage

Most often requested as "Wah Auto-Engage" but would be nice to apply to other multi-effects as well.

Description from Scott Peterson explaining how the AxeFX works:

"You can assign a cc to it and do it manually (ala a toe switch) or you can have it set up to come on automaticly when move the wah (expression pedal). You can set it to be off (fast/medium/slow response) and where in the travel you want it to do the on/off... more »
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Eleven Rack features

Expert Mode

A system parameter that would unlock deeper editing parameters for several effect blocks, like mix level for distortion, wah, chorus, flanger etc., chorus and flanger waveform (triangle, sine), variac voltage for amps (maybe just the variac plexi) and so on. This isn't really my idea, I got it from Craig Anderton's review on Harmony Central but I wholeheartedly agree with him on this one. Let's face it, adding flexibility... more »
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Eleven Rack features

New Amp Model: Dumble

Since the Dumble ODS may be "the" boutique amplifier, having one on the 11R makes sense. A good Dumble emulation would make dialing up Robben Ford and Larry Carlton type tones easier. I've played an actual Dumble on three different occasions, and the True-Z capabilities of the 11R may make it the only modeler capable of capturing the unique (to me at least) touch sensitivity of a Dumble. Of course, adding a new amp model... more »
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Eleven Rack features

Ability to exchange patches

The ability to drag and drop patches that exchange by default or overwrite by CTRL key. This in either a librarian feature or in the current save dialogue. Maybe add the option to the 11R itself.
(This is a popular feature in the Boss GT-10 for example)
So to make this crystal clear: You have a patch "Main AC-30" at A1 then you play around with a patch at M1 that you want as your main AC-30 patch. When you drag to A1... more »