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Eleven Rack features

11 Foot Controller: Zero Built In Expression Pedals

For this idea, take it as a given that Avid will produce an 11R MIDI Foot Controller.


Cast your vote for this one if you must have:


Zero built in expression pedals.


That is, you won't buy an 11 Foot Controller with any built in expression pedals.


There would also be provisions for at least 1 external expression pedal input of the same type on the 11R now.

Submitted by (@blewis13)


-29 votes

Eleven Rack features

Amp Model Suggestion - Scholz X100 or Soloist

This would technically be a preamp model (I guess). Those of us of a certain age remember these units. The sound, which some may view as dated, is certainly unique. I can't think of anyone else modeling the distortion of the X100 or Soloist. Units are readily and cheaply available (not that I believe Avid is a penny pinching group of tight wads, but you never know).

Submitted by (@jpowell30809)


-17 votes

Eleven Rack features

Wah Model: Big Bad Wah Simulation.

What I would like to see on the 11R is more Wah Modelling. To that end I suggest that the 11R dev team create a model of the Big Bad Wah - with whatever protection they need to not get done for copyright :) Anyway, the features are: user selectable between a vintage UK inductor, and the more modern USA style. A cusomised pedal pot itself for a smooth transition thoughout the full sweep, and also features a drive knob. ...more »

Submitted by (@celticmyst)


-15 votes