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Eleven Rack features

impulse responses

quote from a tread on TGP:"I'm fascinated by what I've heard about third parties like Redwirez who I've heard have achieved new levels of realism in their speaker cabinet models than can be purchased, downloaded and introduced into one of your competitors devices".


Or maybe if Avid comes out with their own (extensive list of) IR's?

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Eleven Rack features

Add a Harmonizer (Pitch Shifter)

One area where the 11R is sorely lacking is with Pitch based FX. To address that I suggest an Intelligent Harmoniser (and pitch detuner) that is capable of producing 3 voices of harmony. The user at minimum should be able to set the Parent major key as well as the harmonic minor and of course the intervals.

The Harmoniser I envision, would operate much like the Boss GT-10, Boss PS-6, Eventide PitchFactor or even better... more »
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Eleven Rack features

Allow any FX to be selected on any FX block

Call it 'traditional' or 'modular' in the setup menu so we can either keep FX in the 'correct' place (mod's under the Mod button etc) or just mix it up as we see fit.


Being able to run 2 delays would be handy for example and having a Flanger and EQ and Chorus but ditching the OD and having for example a trem available could suit many clean players.

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Eleven Rack features

Global clip indicator

It'd be nice to have a global clip indicator that appears when any of the monitored points (or at least the outputs) clips.

This need only appear in the play (not edit) mode. It seems that there's enough space in all four play-mode screen that an clip icon could be flashed in the upper-right corner of the LCD. Alternatively, one of the lighted pushbuttons (I'd suggest the Edit/Back button, since it'll be normally orange... more »
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Eleven Rack features

FX Suggestion - Pitch/Detune/Doubling

On a number of threads in various forums, 11R users have commented about the need for pitch based effects. Personally, I would really like to see a detune effect (similar to what is on the TC Electronics G System) which will provide the doubled guitar sound common to 80's rock and metal. While there are obvious work arounds to achieve this when recording in PT, having this effect as an option would great when using the... more »
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Eleven Rack features

Two-way MIDI communication / ability to probe state.

Please add two-way MIDI communication so the Eleven Rack’s state can be probed resulting in foot controllers being able to synch and properly display data. Real world use? Grab the knob on the ER, give it a twist to select a different rig and have your foot controller end up in the same place! Almost every other guitar rack out there can does this resulting in feedback to the foot controller.

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Eleven Rack features

Separate Amp and Cab

There is currently no way to send a full rig with cab out the Mains and a full rig no cab to Amp Outputs. The guys at Avid mentioned that there is no way to do so because it would use more DSP. If the Amp and Cab blocks were separate, the user could put the cab at the end of the chain, and select between full rig pre-cab or full rig for either output. No extra DSP needed!

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Eleven Rack features

Acoustic Simulator FX

I really thought that some sort of Acoustic simulator effect would come as a standard feature on the 11 Rack and was surprised when I found out it didn't. It would be a welcome addition to the 11 Rack at least for me, and save me splashing out for an Elcoustic and carrying another guitar to a gig. So I thought I would throw the idea out there.

Something based on the Boss AC-3 except better.

Sure to be shot down in... more »