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Artist Series features

Additional artist unit - master section.

Something with a master fader, surround panner, useful things like automation mode buttons for selected tracks, solo defeats, sync online/offline, preroll, click etc..

The current automation select for the artist series sucks SOOO much. Modifier + cycle automations modes from a button jammed in between faders where you can accidently touch them and write junk automation... honestly.. who thought this was a good... more »
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Artist Series features

A preference for the behavior of the shift key

The tap and lock functionality of the shift key on the MC Mix is extremely annoying. Every time I use the shift key to bank faders the shift key stays s on and when I go to un-mute fader 7 the transport stops. Even worse, the unit seems to be unresponsive when I try to solo or mute faders 1-4. Then I realize the shift lock is on.
I never use the transport functions on the MC Mix (I prefer the qwerty keyboard).
A preference... more »
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Artist Series features

Eucon Fader 'assign'

Would be nice that if you hard assign a fader to track 20... when you're cycling thorugh your unassigned faders, eucon would take out the 'other' track 20.. so you're not wasting a fader.


I find this would be useful when in editorial mode, as I'd like to keep my dialogue, FX, music and master on the extreme right.. but DONT want them showing up on the other faders as I'm scrolling around.


Make sense?

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Artist Series features

Independent Shift Selection

I would like to see a preference that allows you to use the shift button independently in a multi unit set up. For example I have a Mix and a Transport and would love to be able to put the Transport in shift while keeping the Mix out of shift. This would allow us to setup sets of soft keys for say mixing on one layer and editing on the other layer. Then you can keep them engaged on the Transport while working in that... more »
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Artist Series features

Transport mkII

Why not take the the best of the Transport and Artist Control and merge it into one useful center unit?

Upper Section- JUST the touch screen from the Control (or similar that fits in the current frame.

Bottom Section - JUST the transport buttons, jog/wheel and the 2 lower function keys .

The current transport locator buttons and screen are almost useless - why not have the best from both - as the transport section... more »
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Artist Series features

View Sends with Artist Control Soft-knobs

Can you program EuCon so that you can open the selected Send Assignment by pushing the Soft knobs.

e.g. the same effect when you push a soft knob to enter a desired plug-in, but in this case to view the pop-up Send Assignment channel Strip. Also a way to change your Send Assignments view to al Channels from within the Artist Control?

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Artist Series features

Assign Rotary Knobs like Faders in Eucon

It would be very handy if i could assign the Rotary Knobs to an specific Pugin on my Artist Mix like i can do with the Faders for a specific track. in EUCON
For example :
I have few Mics that feed each an Input on my PT rig
where i control the Level with the MC Mix Fader which i assign with EUCON to each Input.

In my Scenario would like to assign F.E. the Rotary knob to the Freq-Value of an HP Filter (often used... more »
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Artist Series features

Smart Tool Macro in Artist Control

There's no way to create a Smart Tool macro in Eucon, by the looks of things. Try as I might, I can't seem to press the two buttons together fast or slow enough on the Artist Control surface to engage the Smart Tool, which I use to edit more than the Trimmer, Grabber, and Selection Tools combined. I want this to be a one button macro and I want to be able to program it to my User Softkeys.

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Artist Series features

New artist control

Please we need to have the display over the track not aside.....and we need to change pan immediatly not with a combination of press and choose.

Maybe with no button on and sel but with rotary for pan

The touch screen this way can be more higher and we have 4 more rotating knob to use for plugs and other..

The idea is shown in the pics

Faders now are alligned to the MIX if you have one ;)