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Artist Series features

"Mute" button on MC Mix and MC Control

I checked out both of these units at a recent Avid event. I liked them. One thing, that even the Avid rep strongly agreed on with me on, was the green "On" button and the red "Solo" button on these controllers is counter intuitive. Pro Tools does not have "on" buttons. Pro Tools has "Mute" buttons above each fader. Why not take the lettering off the physical buttons, leave them the same color and let the end user... more »

Artist Series features

Swap HPF and LPF soft knobs on the Artist control

when adjusting AVID channel-strip on the Artist Control I wish the LPF and HPF were on the opposite side. It´s kind of counter-intuitive to adjust the low end of a channel on the right side of the controls and the high end on the left side. While the graphical representation in the plugin window is vice versa. I understand that the word HIGH pass filter is tempting to put on the right side where the high frequencies... more »

Artist Series features

Euphonix MC Control and Channel Strip

Is it possible to bring into MC Control tactile screen the graphic view of EQ's and Dynamics Channel Strip plug-in so that we can control it easily. Channel Strip is now integrated to PT10 and is a great simulation. The parameters (45) are too difficult to control with the MC Mix (I have 3 of them) and are nearly not readable. It would be great to use the tatile screen either with finger or with the rotary buttons.


Artist Series features

Add Option for Linear Knobs

"Let a knob be a knob" Users need the option to use the knobs on Artist Control and Artist Mix in a Linear fashion, where a given range of knob-sweep outputs a given range of control data, regardless of speed of turning the knob. The way it works now is driven by velocity: You get more control sweep the faster you turn the knob, and finer-grained control for slower moves. Accelerated knobs can be handy for quickly... more »


Artist Series features

insert mode should follow plugins targeted on screen

After all these years the feature that has been present on all non-Eucon Avid controllers is still missing. Insert mode should follow plugins opened/targeted on screen. On Command|8, Control24, C|24, Icon, Pro Control, HUI controllers insert mode is always focused on currently targeted plugin (with little red target button in plugin window corner). Why is this so important? Let's assume we have a very large session.... more »


Artist Series features

Additional artist unit - master section.

Something with a master fader, surround panner, useful things like automation mode buttons for selected tracks, solo defeats, sync online/offline, preroll, click etc.. The current automation select for the artist series sucks SOOO much. Modifier + cycle automations modes from a button jammed in between faders where you can accidently touch them and write junk automation... honestly.. who thought this was a good... more »


Artist Series features

Smart Tool Macro in Artist Control

There's no way to create a Smart Tool macro in Eucon, by the looks of things. Try as I might, I can't seem to press the two buttons together fast or slow enough on the Artist Control surface to engage the Smart Tool, which I use to edit more than the Trimmer, Grabber, and Selection Tools combined. I want this to be a one button macro and I want to be able to program it to my User Softkeys.