Artist Series features

Avid Audio Next-Gen surfaces with EuCon

I would like to see a new compact mixing control surface that will replace the Command 8 and the MC Control. Put the best of the Artist series controllers and the best of the Avid control surface together.

1. First would have to be full EuCon support. You should be able to expand to 32 faders (four units) with a transport unit like the MC Transport (or even better, include the function in a main surface, then have expandable... more »

Artist Series features

Integrate Eucon completely into ProTools Implemented

The one thing I find about the Eucon as a whole... be it Logic, Protools, DP.. whichever DAW... is that if you go to delete a stack of tracks at once or one after another in succession - the eucon/mcmix is SLOW to react and it stalls the DAW until the faders update.

Just try holding down delete or arrowing up and down tracks in the arrange of logic. Or show/hide numerous tracks quickly as you would under normal... more »

Artist Series features

Need Automation Modes Soft Keys in EuControl! Implemented

I depend on soft keys all the time for going from auto latch all to auto touch all to auto trim all etc... all the time
The C24 has this as do the D commands and the euphonix had it working fine under 2.5.5
Even though eucon implementation is great Its really a pain that these soft keys have been taken out of the mc control AUTO section

Please give us a set of soft keys that will implement
All Auto Off
All Read
All Touch... more »

Artist Series features

Import/export EUCON layouts via session data

EUCON and Artist series currently allows "aliases" of faders to be placed/arranged in a "custom fader" manner using the EUCON layouts feature.
These layouts cant be saved/imported/exported or used outside the session you create them in.
I suggest the layouts get stored in the protools session document so that they can be imported/exported using the PT Import session data window similarly to custom fader groups.
They would... more »

Artist Series features

Artist Control Surround Panner can't pan to all areas correctly Implemented

The Artist Control's touch screen surround panner was a major selling point for me, but I have yet to figure out how to use it to get the sound to come from the corners of the panning field. The control only allows the placement to be within a circle which is tangent upon the centers of the four 'walls', but well within the corners of the 'room'. Or am I missing something?

Version(s) Addressed In 3.4

Opertaing System(s) n/a

Artist Series features

Easier creation of Eucon Layouts

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The Eucon is so time-consuming to use. Before every mix it takes hours to set up layouts.

Here's what I'd like to see:
-Select the tracks in PT you want to create a layout from
-Click a to-be-invented-button called "create new layout from selection".
-Name the layout in the Eucon-app.

Currently I have to scroll down an endless list of tracks 16 times to assign 16 faders to a single layout. Takes for ever in a film session... more »

Artist Series features

Pre-assigned Jog and Shuttle Wheel

I would like to be able to program a default function of the Shuttle and Jog Wheel instead of having to press a soft key to engage a function I use 90% of the time. In Protools and Reason, I primarily use the Jog wheel to jog through the session and the Shuttle Wheel to scrub audio. This would free-up precious soft key real estate which I can use for other important things like Markers Jumps.

Artist Series features

Add Option for Linear Knobs

"Let a knob be a knob"

Users need the option to use the knobs on Artist Control and Artist Mix in a Linear fashion, where a given range of knob-sweep outputs a given range of control data, regardless of speed of turning the knob.

The way it works now is driven by velocity: You get more control sweep the faster you turn the knob, and finer-grained control for slower moves.

Accelerated knobs can be handy for quickly... more »

Artist Series features

insert mode should follow plugins targeted on screen

After all these years the feature that has been present on all non-Eucon Avid controllers is still missing. Insert mode should follow plugins opened/targeted on screen. On Command|8, Control24, C|24, Icon, Pro Control, HUI controllers insert mode is always focused on currently targeted plugin (with little red target button in plugin window corner).

Why is this so important?

Let's assume we have a very large session.... more »

Artist Series features

"Mute" button on MC Mix and MC Control

I checked out both of these units at a recent Avid event. I liked them. One thing, that even the Avid rep strongly agreed on with me on, was the green "On" button and the red "Solo" button on these controllers is counter intuitive. Pro Tools does not have "on" buttons. Pro Tools has "Mute" buttons above each fader. Why not take the lettering off the physical buttons, leave them the same color and let the end user... more »