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Artist Series features

Improve Studio monitor Express so that its actually usable

Make Studio Monitor Express actually work and integrate it into a control room type section of pro tools just like Steinberg have with cubase.
The current ASIO/Core Audio type bridging is terrible ans doesnt work.
Either make a plugin that inserts on the master fader or a separate page but most of all id really like to be able to use the monitor control pot on the MC control for something, preferably my monitor level... more »

Artist Series features

Assignable buttons on MC Mix

In the near further I would love to see a Eucontrol update that would enable me to assign additional frequently used functions to the side function keys of the MC Mix (Chan, Inserts buttons etc...). I would assign a button that would select all tracks. Another button would select certain groups in PT9 and so on.


Artist Series features

Enable Assignable Knob feature on Pro Tools

In other DAW's like Logic, Artis Transport could have the Jog Wheel assigned to whatever fader, button, or parameter you click on. This feature is called Assignable Knob and it is a HUGE time saver for the Artis Transport User. It alone it worth the purchase, unfortunately this feature is not available in PT...


Artist Series features

Make pedal user assignable (for talkback)

Please, make the pedal input into a user assignable key command, so it can be used with a talkback plugin like the one from source elements..


Or better yet, program the talkback functionality into protools, with auto talkback and dimmer..


As it stands, talkback is kind of a problem with an artist/omni setup.




Artist Series features

Swap HPF and LPF soft knobs on the Artist control

when adjusting AVID channel-strip on the Artist Control I wish the LPF and HPF were on the opposite side.

It´s kind of counter-intuitive to adjust the low end of a channel on the right side of the controls and the high end on the left side. While the graphical representation in the plugin window is vice versa.

I understand that the word HIGH pass filter is tempting to put on the right side where the high frequencies... more »

Artist Series features

Euphonix MC Control and Channel Strip

Is it possible to bring into MC Control tactile screen the graphic view of EQ's and Dynamics Channel Strip plug-in so that we can control it easily. Channel Strip is now integrated to PT10 and is a great simulation. The parameters (45) are too difficult to control with the MC Mix (I have 3 of them) and are nearly not readable. It would be great to use the tatile screen either with finger or with the rotary buttons.


Artist Series features

Ability to Save and Share Eucon Softkey/TouchScreen/Number pad custom buttons and share them online with other users

Would be great if we all could upload and share as well as download and import custom touchscreen buttons, softkeys, transport button functions with other users. Many own Artist Control or Transport and want other custom button setups rather than the default button mappings that ship with the unit yet at the same time don't want to have to spend the time to customize it completely themself.

I finally had time to custom... more »

Artist Series features

ARTIST Series - multiple units bank as ONE

I see this has been entered before but somehow it is still not addressed.
Regardless of how many Artist MC and Mixes are connected, banking always occurs 8 tracks at a time, instead of all at the same time.
I.E., I have 20 Channels and I would expect, when I bank, that it would bank channels
1 MC Control + 2 MC Mix=
Tracks 1 - 20
Tracks 21 - 40
Tracks 41 - 60,
and so on.

Other Artist Series combination configuration... more »