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Artist Series bugs

MackieControl Emulation

http://www.avid.com/US/products/Artist-Mix/features it says, "Supports EUCON, HUI and Mackie Control protocols"

While the faders/mutes all work with recording and motorized playback,

- 0 dB in the DAW places the fader between the 0 and 6 positions, not at 0.

- It's not possible to navigate the faders to control return channels or the Master channel.

- Only Channel 1 shows any VU-Meter. I believe the level shown reflects... more »
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Artist Series bugs

Avid Artist Series mixers and Eucon Software

Avid have changed plugin mappings on the artist series controllers with EQIII and Chanel Strip beginning in protools 11 and on, that's all I've personally noticed; this might have happened with other Avid plugins as well! In protools 10 we'd have access to freq/gain/Q all on one page and now in 11 and up Q is only accessible when you hold down the shift key and touch the frequency knob or if your working in plugin flip... more »
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Artist Series bugs

Drag an audio file from the finder into the region list, all faders slide over by 1 to the left, though no new track is created

This is driving me mental.


I have 3 x MC Mixes,1 x transport running eucon 2.6 with latest firmware running PTHD2 9.0.3


When I drag an audio file from the finder into the region list, all my faders slide over by 1 strip each time to the left, even though no new tracks are being created.


There's no reason for it. Leave the console alone!! :(

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Artist Series bugs

Shift Alt/Option commands not working on the surface.

The normal shift alt/opt commands to not work from the surface.

Example...you want to change all the outputs on several tracks. It's usually done by

selecting all tracks
Shift alt/opt key
then change the output on one of the tracks.......

This doesn't work from the surface but does via the keyboard short cuts...

I will also throw this in there as well......while on my windows laptop it is showing the mac softkeys....It... more »
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Artist Series bugs

Eucon 3.5 artist lock doesn't work properly

Using 1 transport and 2 artists. If I lock the artists to an application, it locks the transport as well. When I deselect the transport I can use it in another application, but eucontrol doesn't remember it being deselected. So after a reboot I have to deselect the transport again when using the same app I have locked the artists to. It remembers all or nothing.

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Artist Series bugs

Eucontrol Sends functionality lost in MioConsole

After Updating to latest MIOConsole ( and EuControl (ver. 3.5) I seem to have lost the ability to access the sends window of the MioConsole Mixer on my McMIX??

From MobileIOUserGuide: "To Select the Sends bus (or move to the next Send bus) on MC Mix Simultaneously press the MC Mix SHIFT and PREV buttons”

This functionality seems to have stopped working.

Also if I press the ”AUX” button on McMIX I get my... more »
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Artist Series bugs

Eucon 3.1 bug

Create a couple of tracks.

Select all tracks

Use artist mix to assign all tracks to a send in send 1

Assign all tracks to another send in send 2.


Always leave tracks selected.


Remove all sends from send 2.

Remove all sends from send 1... nothing happens.

You have to deselect and reselect for it to work.