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Artist Series bugs

Mix/Edit Windows in PT don't follow banking on EuCon when "Edit/Mix Window Follows Bank Selection" preference is enabled in PT. Implemented

Whenever I bank tracks on the Artist Mix, ProTools mix/edit windows do not 'scroll into view' to the tracks Artist Mix is banked to.

It does work the other way around though, when the track is selected in the mix or edit window, the Artist Mix banks to that track. So please make ProTools respond to track banking on the Artist Mix with the 'scroll into view' behaviour.

I've read the forums and I know this is not new,... more »
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Artist Series bugs

Fader shift-touch is unreliable in MC/Artist Mix Implemented

Shift-touching a fader to set level to 0 dB is not consistent in the Artist/MC Mix.

If you shift-touch the fader really fast (your touch is very quick and light), it works.

If your touch MOVES the fader when shift-touching it, even slightly, or the touch lasts longer than a fraction of a second, it doesn't work. In this case, the DAW (in my case Logic) still registers it as shift-touch and the fader in the UI moves... more »