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S3 features

Automation indicator! Selected

When working in Latch mode I don't see if a track is in automation. this is important since it's easy on the S3 to accidentallly touch a fader and put in wrtie that way...
-a simple solution a blinking "rw" in the display
-more elegant the whole display blinking
- very nice: (like on the ProControl) using the mulitcolor LEDs to indicate the automation mode and status
off- off
green - read
red latch/touch
yellow - trim... more »
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S3 features

Custom Colours for Soft Keys

It would be great to be able to choose the colours for LED's on the various buttons. (The S3 does already have multi coloured LED's. It just needs to be implemented in the software.) It would make it easier/quicker to find the button you are looking for and would also make it clearer when you have the shift layer selected because you could have a different set of colours.

e.g. If my soft keys on the left are lit up in... more »
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S3 features

Plugin Mode that utilized both encoder rows for same plugin

This is similar to the previously suggested "channel strip" mode, except it would relate to plugins. When user selects a plugin, the mapping is spread across both rows of encoders (top & bottom). EG: eq would use top row for eq gain, bottom row would be eq frequency... this would replicate the way most control surfaces and hardware EQ"s are laid out.

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S3 features

SEL button shift for Trim automation toggle

I'd like the SEL button to also have a shift layer that enables the Trim automation mode to be toggled.


So just as the REC/A button can be used to (1) record enable a track, or (2/shifted) to toggle through automation modes; the SEL button would (1) select the track or (2/shifted) to toggle trim automation.