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Pro Tools | Control features

Volume Decibel “Type to Edit”

Allow user to click on Volume Decibel to manually type the exact number they want rather than having to use volume fader. The volume faders never seem to land exactly on a desired number no matter how small the fader move is. By allowing a manual edit there is no compromise, the user gets to type in the exact number Decibel they want. Panning also could use this revision of Type to edit.


Pro Tools | Control features

Plug In Editing / Automating

Full iPad screen editing of any plugin. How it might work: * Click on plugin send with mouse within Pro Tools. * Instead of bringing up the selected plugin window within Pro Tools as it usually would, it simply highlights the send (perhaps red) and throws the plugin window directly onto your iPad screen, scaled to the iPads full size screen for real time touch editing. * Alongside/above the plugin graphics on the iPad,... more »


Pro Tools | Control features

Edit and mix window showing synchronous track view when toggling

Example: Big session holding many tracks. Working in the edit window let me say on track number 48 (numbers only to show how many tracks instead of saying Git1, Piano2 etc). The track shown at the top of the edit window is for example number 46. Now when switching to the mix window, it would be a fantastic feature having track number 46 (always the track at the top of the edit window) automatically on the far left... more »


Pro Tools | Control features

Drag&Drop + Copy&Paste of SoftKeys For Quick Rearrangement in EuControl

It takes a lot of time setting up SoftKeys. Especially because one can only edit them one at a time. When I want to adjust the layout of SoftKeys to fit my workflow better, I need to delete a SoftKey and in that place, set up a completely new key from scratch. But the key I'm looking for is there, just on another page. I cannot copy and paste it, which would save me a lot of time. I need to create it from scratch. Also,... more »


Pro Tools | Control features

Support the Native Kontrol Standard (NKS)

It would be great if Pro Tools joined the other major DAWs in supporting the Native Kontrol Standard. This would add the fast browsing in instrument libraries and include the pre-mapped parameters on the controller by any 3rd party instrument plugin provider. As a bonus I would recommend to allow the knobs and faders on the controller to control the mix and any Avid or 3rd party mixing plugin (EQs, compressors, reverbs... more »

Pro Tools | Control features

Custom plug-in Mapping on Any Controller

Let us Custom plug-in map any parameter to "Any" Midi Controller (not just Avid apporaved ones) using the 'Right-click' button on our mouse? New Assignments would always overwrite Old Assignments Just right-click and just select controller of your choice, then may be 'save' my choice as MIDI Preset in some kind of drop down menu on the plugin, where you can bring up the settings again to overwrite the current settings... more »


Pro Tools | Control features

EQ III window scaling.

One of the plugins I use the most is EQ III.

When I have populated all of the 7 bands, the tiny little window can be quite cluttered and difficult to read.

I would suggest that we should be able to re-scale the window, so we can get much more detail and control over the curve.

Then even people like me who likes to EQ with a microscope, get to be happy. 😺


Posted in the wrong category. Great!


Pro Tools | Control features

Display EQ/Gain Reduction Curves

Allow the EQ or Gain Reduction curves to be displayed when an EQ or Compressor plugin (with such curve support) is selected. I recall seeing EQ curves in pre-release media for the Pro Tools | Dock and it is a feature in S6 as well. If this is considered too 'fancy' a feature for the 'free' Pro Tools | Control app, perhaps it could be made active in the software only if the app is being used simultaneously with the hardware... more »


Pro Tools | Control features

Change the behavior of clip-grouping, to affect ONLY the selected clips...

I often like to group two or more clips that are on different tracks, so that they may be moved together and repeatedly, without me having to constantly "shift-click" those clips together again. The answer would seem to be right-clicking the relevant clips, and simply "grouping" them. However, my attempts to do so affect not only the desired clips, but other clips near them, as well. Please see the two screenshots, which... more »

Pro Tools | Control features

Whichever screen mouse is hovering over, shortcuts automatically affect.

Users who have multiple screens set up and frequently go back and forth between the Edit and Midi editor will know the frustration of hovering over one window with the mouse, using a zoom (or other) shortcut, and having the previously selected window zoom in or out. I'd love to see a feature where the shortcuts (like zoom in/out) affect the screen that the mouse is currently hovering over without having to click somewhere... more »