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Marker Improvements

I would REALLY love a change in the markers. Please have multiple marker rulers in the edit window. I would also like to be able to set custom colors to certain markers. Also, in the marker list, I would love to be able to re-sort alphabetically and renumber sequentially after re-sorting.


Primarily what this would allow me to do is set ADR markers, foley markers, music markers, dialog markers, etc...

Submitted by (@ryan00)


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Pro Tools features

Arrangement markers; more than one marker lane

Several marker lanes would be very useful to organize and discern different sets and type of markers. A specific marker lane (like the "arrangement track" in Logic) can be used to delimitate song sections (verse, chorus, bridge, etc) and can have specific characteristics: markers in this lane should be contiguous time ranges and their boundaries should be draggable; they should be renamed by double-clicking the range. ...more »

Submitted by (@marcoober)


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Pro Tools features

Option to link markers to track

I do a lot of audiobook post-production work. In some cases, I receive a PT file with timeline markers wherever there are problems that need to be fixed. Typically I do this work in "shuffle" mode... boy, it sure would be useful to be able to link the markers to the track I'm editing, so that if I have to chop out 90 seconds of extraneous crap, the following markers move to the left along with the audio. I'm aware I can ...more »

Submitted by (@festernaecus)


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Pro Tools features

Memory Location improvements



When creating memory locations, it would be faster to make an option that changes the default Time-Properties of the new Mem-Loc like so:

* When my selector is within a range - Default a Selection

* When my selector is just a on the grid without a range - Default to Marker




Another option is to Enable CMD + ARROWS to change the Time Properties (Just like creating a new track).

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Pro Tools features

Link Marker Positon to Shuffle Mode

When editing i often use Shuffle Mode of course.Id love to see a freature that also Moves the Markers after the Edit Point. When inserting a Part all following Marker shift to the right and vice versa when cutting out all following Markers shift to the left like the following Clips.


I would call it "Link Marker Position to Shuffle Edit"

Submitted by (@innenhofstudios)


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Pro Tools features

Horizontal markers !

Cubase to add one or more additional rules at any level of the editing window. For example, between the tracks of different types. This function is very useful to divide clearly floors all tracks. However, Avid could innovate with another way: simply invent horizontal markers! These markers, placed between the tracks or track groups, etc., would help the general division and would be really great.

Submitted by (@claudemarcbourget)


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Pro Tools features

Markers Clear Numbering

When a marker is created, it auto creates a marker number. It's possible to jump to this marker number using the shortcut .(marker number). on the numeric keypad. All well and good, but actually keeping tabs on which marker number is which is less straightforward that it might be. Why not have the marker number written in text within the small yellow shield symbol in the marker lane? That should be easy to implement, ...more »

Submitted by (@jonathanatkinson1)


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Pro Tools features

''Chords'' and ''Markers'' in the big counter

Will be great for musicians and producers to see the chords in the big counter, specially in recording session situations. I've seen this option in old softwares of big mix consoles.

Important: An option for MIDI chord recognition, and send them directly to the chord rule. AVID Sibelius is the best example for this option.

Submitted by (@estudiosgandul)


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Pro Tools features

Make the Ruler a Special Track.

I have long advocated for making the Ruler a Track. If it were a track it could enjoy all the benefits of playlists. Ruler Playlists would solve many of the wishes I have seen users ask for regarding the ruler. For example, when editing a song, markers become irrelevant to their original intent. With Ruler Playlists, a duplicate of the origin ruler could be made and the newly created Ruler Playlist could be named for, ...more »

Submitted by (@py0000)


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