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Pro Tools features

Assignable LFOs For All Automation Parameters (Automatic Automation) trending idea

Any parameter that could be automated could be controlled by a continuous LFO by linking the parameter to the LFO.

For Examples: A Sine Wave LFO that controls a Frequency Cutoff of an EQ Plugin, or a Square Wave LFO assigned to a channel Pan control, or a Sawtooth LFO assigned to an FX Send.

The LFO Frequency should be able to be set in Seconds, Samples, Bars/Beats, Etc. and the width and curve of the LFO's parameter... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

AAE -9173 error when using big plug in chains on the masterbus / "extra large audio playback buffer size" trending idea

Its a known problem that big plug in chains on the PT masterbus are making the CPU meter nervous and produces AAE-9173 errors, also when the CPU is less than 50%. The AAE can not handle those plug in chains in real time. this do not depent on the CPU power.

I have the following idea: Please give us an option in the audio buffer preferences for an "extra large audio playback buffer size" for handling big plug in chains... more »
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Pro Tools features

I/O limit needs to be increased. trending idea

I need to see all ASIO or Core audio inputs.
I have been using an Audinate Dante audio network and I was shocked last week when I wanted to use my ProTools HD and it only gave me 32 voices, I thought it could do 192 tracks, oops I didn't read the small print. Then I had to switch over to a free program called Waves Tracks Live to record my taping.
Seems silly that it is almost the year 2018 and there is a 32 voice limit... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Automated mutes design trending idea

Since the earliest days of PT automation the mutes have been a stumbling block. Somehow even if mute automation is inactive on the automation panel, they get written. I, out of habit deactivate mute automation by going to medium track view, select mute automation view, and apply option/command on the mute button - this deactivates all mute automation, making it a stupid switch. There is a world where automated mutes are... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Smart tool and Selector tool selection bug?

I'm clicking in the top half of a region with the Smart Tool (so the i beam appears) to place the cursor. Sometimes when I'm doing this everything in the Edit window gets selected. It's like I've hit select all. If I switch to the Selector tool it still happens.

Then, wherever I click in the session with the Selector tool or upper half of a playlist with the Smart Tool, everything remains selected rather than simply... more »
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Pro Tools features

Automation should follow Elastic Audio

Elastic Audio changes audio-length only. Unfortunately all automation will stay at original length. This unlinked manner makes the nice Elastic Audio feature quite worthless in my opinion since all existing automation goes wrong after Elastic editing.
So what about "Elastic-Automation" ? Intuitive standard behavior should be linked timescaling of Audio and Automation in one edit-step. Working title: "Elastic Audiomation".... more »
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Pro Tools features

Allow third-party-software spotting to Elastic-Tracks trending idea

Many professional Postpro-Studios need quick databases for managing big sound-libraries of sound-fx and music.
Popular software-products come from SOUNDMINER, CND (Netmix) or BASEHEAD.

Those external Applications can SPOT audio directly TO the protools-TIMELINE.
Unfortunately there comes an protools-ERROR if spotting to tracks WITH ELASTIC-AUDIO enabled.

Its not a nice workaround if you need to create additional... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

bus menu skips "&" symbol

In order to have very short track names i would like to use the "&" symbol as a ideally short name for my MIX-BUS (where all signals are "added"). Unfortunately pro tools does not show up this [&]-symbol inside the bus-menu which is confusing.


FYI: testet with ProTools Ultimate 2018.4 and latest macOS 10.13.4 HighSierra

Note: The alternative "Σ" [Sigma] symbol is used for my MASTER before Mixbus already.