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S3 features

Custom Plug-in mapping for S3

Same thing as for the artist series and S6: Please bring custom Plug-in mapping to Eucon as known for years on Icon, C24 and common Command8. Plug-in control is nearly useless on all Eucon surfaces as long as you cannot customize the parameter layout. Especially for plug-ins with a huge amount of parameters.

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Pro Tools features

Separate Clips at all Memory Location Markers

Have a feature in the Memory location window to put a clip separation everywhere there is a memory location marker for a highlighted track.


For those of us who edit LOTS of voiceovers, I will make separations at all the memory locations (bad parts in the script) so that when I'm editing....I don't move all the audio further down stream, causing it to be off it's marker.

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Pro Tools features

Custom Organize plugins menu into folders & sub-folders

Let people organise the their plugins menu into folders & sub-folders the way they want.

The plugin layout would be done with an Avid Standalone Application on the desktop (before loading Pro Tools) where the user can setup folders, sub-folders and place all the plugins into the desired place. It would also be possible to rename plugins to what the user wants them to be called. The setup would be saved as "User" or "Custom".... more »
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Pro Tools features

Allow Avid Hardware to work with Pro Tools Vanilla

Surely the current method of hardware compatibility is no longer working?

Pro Tools vanilla users can use any audio interface they like with Pro Tools... except Avid's.
Pro Tools vanilla users can use any DSP powered plugin platform... except Avid's.
Pro Tools vanilla users can use any low latency monitoring app (total mix, Apollo console, antelope studio)... except Avid's.
Pro Tools vanilla users can use any 32... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Pro Tools hangs while restoring tracks

When opening sessions, occasionally I notice Pro Tools will beachball while attempting to restore tracks. It doesn't appear to be a specific track or even a specific session that triggers this behavior. When the hang occurs, I have to force quit Pro Tools. If I then try to relaunch Pro Tools, the application fails to open at all. I just see the Pro Tools icon bouncing in the dock. Restarting the machine typically resolves... more »
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Pro Tools features

Solo track by selecting

While the feature to select solo, mute or record on any specific track can be activated by holding shift and "S, M and R" - it would be great to be able to activate solo simply by placing ones cursor on any particular track and play or scrub audio. This would be particularly helpful when jumping around as one edits different material on different tracks. Also for auditioning for a director or producer. Particularly useful... more »
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Pro Tools | Dock features

Make Monitor / Control Room Knob Assignable

I propose making the Monitor / Control Room Knob Assignable to the fader of any track or to the default monitor path. This would give us true functionality for which this know was created. Another idea was to assigned that knob to the pan of the attentioned track. The right side of stereo tracks could be controlled by depressing the button while turning.

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Pro Tools bugs

Proper interface scaling in Windows (high DPI support)

Pro Tools doesn't scale correctly in Windows.

For this reason, its interface is rendered very poorly on high DPI screens. Even experimenting with Windows' high DPI settings, there are several glitchy configurations and only one configuration that makes the interface usable.

I provide two screenshots which explain the problems experienced with 200% scaling on a 4K display.
They show Pro Tools 2018.4 (current version... more »
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Elgato Stream Deck Pro Tools Feature Request

The Elgato Stream Deck is not a "qualified" third party device to work with Pro Tools.
It works completely fine in Pro Tools on MAC OS, but does not work correctly within Windows when assigning a button to a hot key using the 'alt' modifier key.

Dear Avid support,
Setup 1:
If you are not familiar with the Elgato Stream Deck, it is a fully customizable LCD screen with buttons to trigger basically anything you please... more »
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Pro Tools features

MIDI Editor feature request.

Some feature requests for the MIDI editor.

Key commands for:
1. Shifting pitch of selected notes by semitone
2. Shifting pitch of selected notes by octave
3. Select top line of polyphonic parts
4. Select bottom line of polyphonic parts
5. Rip-off Logic's "Select By Equal Sub-Position" command (for example, if notes at beat 2 and 4 of a bar of a snare region are selected, this command would select the notes at beat 2... more »