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Streamline CPU usage..

What exactly is protools 10HD thinking about when sitting idle?

On an empty session with a single stereo aux passing through audio to my monitors - 38.4% CPU usage with 74 threads sitting idle doing nothing.

48/24 session @ 128 samples

Logic on the hand, 300 tracks up with about 70 VI's sitting idle - same specs is using 12% / 161 threads sitting idle.

What exactly is PT doing that is needing that much juice?

Machine:... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Please fix CPU usage issue

The CPU utilization jumps to 100% for no reason, even without any tracks recorded. Please fix this. The problem happens on my system with an i9-7900X processor with 64GB RAM. This system is far more powerful than 99% of all PCs out there, yet Pro Tools will spike the CPU to 100% when low-latency is utilized.

This is unacceptable. I have used Pro Tools for decades, but this is not being fixed and it is becoming... more »
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Pro Tools features

Match Tracks on only selected tracks in Import Session Data Window

I can’t believe I haven’t asked for this before. A lot of the time I just want to import tracks from one session into another. The track James tend to match because I work with templates. Most of the time I want to just select a bunch of tracks and hit Match Tracks only on those tracks. I can’t seem to do this.

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Pro Tools | Control features

Support the Native Kontrol Standard (NKS)

It would be great if Pro Tools joined the other major DAWs in supporting the Native Kontrol Standard.
This would add the fast browsing in instrument libraries and include the pre-mapped parameters on the controller by any 3rd party instrument plugin provider.

As a bonus I would recommend to allow the knobs and faders on the controller to control the mix and any Avid or 3rd party mixing plugin (EQs, compressors, reverbs... more »
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Pro Tools features

When Importing audio and making a new track option for drop


Top to Bottom or Left to Right should be selectable when importing not something that needs to be pre chosen before initiating the Import Audio command.

Being able to do both when importing large lists of audio would be fabulous, ie:
files 1, 2, and 3 Left to Right on a new track
4 -9 Top to Bottom on new tracks
10 - 15 Left to Right on a new track
16 - 19 Left to Right on a new track
20-30 Top to Bottom on new... more »