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Pro Tools features

Copy/paste from a session to another

It would be great to have the ability to open a session, select one or several clips and/or markers, or anything else, copy them, close the session, open another one, and paste it. Would be useful in addition to the "import session data..." that only works with tracks.

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Pro Tools features

Smart tool with selector and grabber only

I would like to have another smart-tool-mode without the trim tool. I almost never use the trim tool doing all editing with keyboard shortcuts (a and s for clip edges), but I constantly have to use selecting und grabbing tool. Getting your cursor at the beginning or end of a clip can somertimes be very fiddly, while the smart tool changes to the trim tool whenever you come close to the edge of a clip.

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Pro Tools features

Duplicate origional clip to playlist when processing from Audiosuite

During a sound effects editing session where a lot of Audiosuite processing is used it would be useful if Pro Tools would automatically save a copy of the pre-processed clip to a playlist. I usually duplicate this down myself so if I come back to the clip and I no longer like the fx precessing then I have the original below in the playlist ready to retrieve. If I've used multiple processes it would be handy to have an... more »
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Pro Tools features

Embed Audiosuite parameter settings in to the processed clip for later recall

It would be handy to retrieve parameter settings from a clip that has been processed by an Audiosuite plugin

If you wanted to go back to a processed clip at a later stage and couldn't remember how exactly you processed it you could right click on the clip and there would be an 'Audiosuite Memory' option. Another menu would open from this listing all Audiosuite plugins used on the clip then for each one 'copy processed... more »
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Pro Tools features

Match Tracks on only selected tracks in Import Session Data Window

I can’t believe I haven’t asked for this before. A lot of the time I just want to import tracks from one session into another. The track James tend to match because I work with templates. Most of the time I want to just select a bunch of tracks and hit Match Tracks only on those tracks. I can’t seem to do this.

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Pro Tools features

When Importing audio and making a new track option for drop


Top to Bottom or Left to Right should be selectable when importing not something that needs to be pre chosen before initiating the Import Audio command.

Being able to do both when importing large lists of audio would be fabulous, ie:
files 1, 2, and 3 Left to Right on a new track
4 -9 Top to Bottom on new tracks
10 - 15 Left to Right on a new track
16 - 19 Left to Right on a new track
20-30 Top to Bottom on new... more »