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Pro Tools features

Ability to solo the track (main playlist) from a playlist lane trending idea

There should be a [something]-S for toggling the track's solo button while the cursor is in a playlist lane. When I go through takes in playlists view, I often want to switch back n forth between hearing them in the mix and hearing them solo. I propose option-S (on Mac), since that seems to do nothing right now.

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Pro Tools features

Mouse Scroll Wheel to control fader and other parameters trending idea

I guess this isn't revolutionary--some other DAWs do this: The idea is that whenever you select a track or click on the fader (or on the numeric value shown by the fader), the mouse scroll wheel then controls the fader. This would give you more of the feel of actually controlling a hardware fader (sort of like a mini-single fader control surface). Each click would be 1 db, and when used in conjunction with the CTRL... more »
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Pro Tools features

Fix the hardware conversion delay compensation trending idea

This applies to aligning newly recorded tracks with previously recorded tracks, and properly compensating via ADC for hardware inserts. The H/W Insert Delay Compensation setting in the I/O setup is not designed for this.

Pro Tools should be able to properly compensate for the A/D - D/A conversion delay of any hardware, not just Digi hardware. Currently, recording pass compensation is only correctly applied to inputs... more »
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Pro Tools features

Filters on individual sends trending idea

One thing I'd love to see is high/low pass on individual sends. I quite often use the same delay or reverb for different instruments in a mix, but if I put filters in the inserts path before such effects then everything gets filtered. Having this you could choose what frequency range on those instruments would feed your delay/reverb/compressor inserted on your return (Aux Track). I think this would provide a lot of creative... more »
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Pro Tools features

Enable Pinch-to-Zoom Gestures trending idea

The majority of applications for Mac (and also some for Windows) support the two-finger pinch-to-zoom in/out gesture on touchpads, yet Pro Tools does not.


Cmd [ ] is great, but having this gesture-based functionality enabled would definitely make for faster workflow when moving around a session.


The two-finger drag works, so why not this?

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Pro Tools features

Show/hide toggle for plugin "header"

This is a simple idea, but one that would maximise screen real estate for those who like to keep certain plugin windows open all the time (ie. master bus plugins etc)

Have a clickable 'arrow' at the top left of a plugin window (the actual Pro Tools 'header' section, not the plugin GUI) that would allow you to show/hide the header section, displaying ONLY the track name.

There are certain situations when you don't... more »
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Pro Tools features

Cascading Multi bounce

I do Post audio. We have a client that does 100 phone number tags to a spot. It would be great to be able to write a script in protools to:

Bounce selected tracks/ starting with track # X _then mute track X and unmute track greater than the last.

My sub mix levels would be setup and you just user define: Cascade bounce Starting from track Number 5 Ending on Track number 105
The title for each bounce is grabbed from... more »
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Pro Tools features

Customised naming of MIDI CC

With today's great use of software instruments that uses different MIDI CC to widely different things it would be very helpful if we could customise the name of the different CC.

For example, CC11 that is named Expression is often used for Dynamics. And CC1 that is named Mod Wheel is often used for Dynamics or Vibrato. But the usage is differs from instrument to instrument and even often customisable in the instruments.... more »