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Pro Tools bugs

Fix EXS Import Bug in Structure Implemented

Structure does not work for EXS users. Most of our EXS instruments do not play when opened up without troublesome readjustment of envelope settings. They have the infamous EXS Attack Sustain Decay Release envelope bug which prevents rapid auditioning of my 50,000 sampler instruments to sort through. AIR knows very well of this major bug. I only use my 160GB EXS library, therefore, my top-of-the-line version of Structure... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Fix Incorrect Error Messages Implemented

As if constantly getting error messages isn't annoying enough it would be nice if they actually made sense.

For example, I get this message ALL the time -

"Out of memory during Elastic Audio processing. Please switch to render mode. (-9419)"

Many of us can assure you Avid that we are neither out of memory or even using Elastic Audio so what's the point of this message?

It tells me nothing about the actual problem... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Latch automation & multi-mono plugins Implemented

Why is it that MM plugins seems to be primed even after Write to all? This doesn't happen with their Multichannel counterparts. Further explanation follows...

instantiate a MM plugin
auto-enable all parameters
enable latch automation and the "Allow latch prime in stop" pref
select a preset for the plugin - I chose Factory default for all my tests
hit Write to all
The result is that Plugin will still show in bold... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Entire session is selected and goes into reverse color scheme intermittently when selecting a Clip Implemented

Since protools 8 i've had this intermittent bug that when you select a region sometimes an accidental mouse drag or other trigger occurs and the entire session is selected and goes into reverse color scheme. the only way to get out of this mode is to select another spot on the timeline. sometimes it takes a few tries to actually get it to stop behaving this way. sorry its not repeatable, its hard to know when its going... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Fades processed as audio on session import Implemented

When importing session data from a different protools session file (which is part of the same overall session folder), the imported tracks' fades are "rendered" as audio, not calculated from scratch . Not only is this incredibly slow to the point of not being practical and a sloppy way to handle session data, it also causes ProTools to become highly unstable when the amount of fades is huge (e.g. takes RAM hostage)... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Fast panning leads to chopped audio Implemented

When doing fast linear pans (around 7-8 frames) left/right or across the LCR front PT will chop up the audio unless you add dummy breakpoints along the linear automation curve. See this thread for details:
This is unnecessary extra work because actually 2 break-points are enough for a linear pan.

HereĀ“s a page that give a graphical illustration of the problem:

http://www.pharoahaudio.com/pannerautotest.html... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Text in Track Comments is not displayed while editing Implemented

This is what it looks like when I type a comment in the mix window in PT 8.1.1. See attached file.

I can't see what I'm typing until I hit return.

Strangely, the FIRST comment works, but every comment after the first has this white on white hieroglyphic behavior while typing, making it impossible for me to use.

This behavior has existed for me in ProTools as far back as I can remember.Please tell me I'm not the only... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Score editor very slow to open Implemented

Opening the score/notation view in PT9 is very very slow in large scoring templates. With over 100 tracks (or 200+), it may take 20-30 seconds to open the notation view for a single midi region. The key is the number of midi tracks. With scoring templates driving slave systems, VEPro, etc, that can run into the hundreds easily.

PT seems to have to scan and analyze every midi track anytime it goes to notation view.... more »