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Pro Tools bugs

Pro Tools hangs while restoring tracks

When opening sessions, occasionally I notice Pro Tools will beachball while attempting to restore tracks. It doesn't appear to be a specific track or even a specific session that triggers this behavior. When the hang occurs, I have to force quit Pro Tools. If I then try to relaunch Pro Tools, the application fails to open at all. I just see the Pro Tools icon bouncing in the dock. Restarting the machine typically resolves... more »

Pro Tools bugs

Proper interface scaling in Windows (high DPI support)

Pro Tools doesn't scale correctly in Windows.

For this reason, its interface is rendered very poorly on high DPI screens. Even experimenting with Windows' high DPI settings, there are several glitchy configurations and only one configuration that makes the interface usable.

I provide two screenshots which explain the problems experienced with 200% scaling on a 4K display.
They show Pro Tools 2018.4 (current version... more »

Pro Tools bugs

"Bento container error;In omfsOpenFile" with OMFs in Pro Tools HD 11

I've tried about 15 episodes worth of OMF files that open perfectly in PTHD10 -


on 11.. NONE work.


"Could not complete the Import Tracks command because OMFI_ERR: Bento container error;In omfsOpenFile "


This is a huge problem guys.. gotta fix this stuff ASAP - as us post audio guys are already an angry bunch as it is :)

(@neve73) Implemented

Pro Tools bugs

Fix EXS Import Bug in Structure

Structure does not work for EXS users. Most of our EXS instruments do not play when opened up without troublesome readjustment of envelope settings. They have the infamous EXS Attack Sustain Decay Release envelope bug which prevents rapid auditioning of my 50,000 sampler instruments to sort through. AIR knows very well of this major bug. I only use my 160GB EXS library, therefore, my top-of-the-line version of Structure... more »

Pro Tools bugs

Satellite Play / Stops at wrong location

For users who use Satellite there was a new bug introduced for Protools 8.1 on a Snow Leopard system using OSX on both system when you press stop the video goes back to the first frame that was played back. This confusing producers because they thing you scrolled back to the original starting point when in fact it is the satellite video that's randomly going back in time to a place that you aren't at in your edit window.... more »

Pro Tools bugs

Automation Clicks and Pops

There is a serious problem that can and does occur with pro tools automation. It seems to happen more with the volume bar graph. You can make an automation point and it can cause a very noticeable "POP" and or "Click" during playback. You can hear the POP and assume its an analogue noise coming from your vocal chain. After zooming, scrubbing and looking for the offender (which is normally found very easily when zooming... more »

Pro Tools bugs

Fix Incorrect Error Messages

As if constantly getting error messages isn't annoying enough it would be nice if they actually made sense.

For example, I get this message ALL the time -

"Out of memory during Elastic Audio processing. Please switch to render mode. (-9419)"

Many of us can assure you Avid that we are neither out of memory or even using Elastic Audio so what's the point of this message?

It tells me nothing about the actual problem... more »
(@stigeliassen) Implemented

Pro Tools bugs

Latch automation & multi-mono plugins

Why is it that MM plugins seems to be primed even after Write to all? This doesn't happen with their Multichannel counterparts. Further explanation follows...

instantiate a MM plugin
auto-enable all parameters
enable latch automation and the "Allow latch prime in stop" pref
select a preset for the plugin - I chose Factory default for all my tests
hit Write to all
The result is that Plugin will still show in bold... more »