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Artist Series features

Avid Audio Next-Gen surfaces with EuCon

I would like to see a new compact mixing control surface that will replace the Command 8 and the MC Control. Put the best of the Artist series controllers and the best of the Avid control surface together.

1. First would have to be full EuCon support. You should be able to expand to 32 faders (four units) with a transport unit like the MC Transport (or even better, include the function in a main surface, then have expandable... more »
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Artist Series features

Make it possible to control hidden tracks with Artist Series

When a track is hidden in Pro Tools it can't be assigned to a fader on the Artist Series controllers like MC Control and MC Mix, and thus the solo and mute buttons don't work either. This works with Command 8, as well as D-Command and D-Control. It seems an oversight not to enable this in the Artist Series.

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Artist Series features

MC Color balls - Surround panners?

I think the MC Color would be great as surround panners -


Think of it - could be simple to implement as there's no moving parts with the balls. Once you let go - the control sound is in position.. and when you touch the ball again - you could move it around accordingly. Might not be as dead-accurate as a Joystick - but would still be very usefull! :)

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Artist Series features

Modular Control System

A frame that can be populated with control modules such as a fader, knob, transport control, music keyboard, drum pad. Some modules would be square and take up a 1x1 space such as a single knob, some would take up a much larger space like a music keyboard.
We all do different jobs and we all use ProTools for our own purposes. Some record, some mix and some master. Some people are sound designers and some are songwriters.... more »
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Artist Series features

Eucon Fader 'assign'

Would be nice that if you hard assign a fader to track 20... when you're cycling thorugh your unassigned faders, eucon would take out the 'other' track 20.. so you're not wasting a fader.


I find this would be useful when in editorial mode, as I'd like to keep my dialogue, FX, music and master on the extreme right.. but DONT want them showing up on the other faders as I'm scrolling around.


Make sense?

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Artist Series features

Multiple MC-Mixes - Define which unit is the "master"

I'll try to explain this the best I can.

Current setup from left to right is: MCMIX, MCMIX,TRANSPORT and MCMIX

Centered on the desk, the 2nd MC-Mix is pretty much to my center position.

Workflow wise, when I want to activate a plugin or config - all the parameters by default spill over to the left-most MC. This is where things get annoying as my eyes are still looking center... now i have to lose my train of thought... more »