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At Avid, we understand the value and importance of capturing ideas and feedback from our community and strive to collaborate on innovative solutions and capabilities for future releases. In doing so, Avid has been reviewing the platforms used to collect feedback with the goal of optimizing the process for everyone.

As a result of this review, we have decided to retire protools.ideascale.com effective September 27, 2018. In preparation for this transition, we encourage you to start using the Avid Customer Association or the Avid Link beta app for submitting feedback around product innovations. As part of this transition, we plan to import many of the most popular existing feature requests from IdeaScale at the end of this year.

We look forward to having you continue to share your insight and ideas in 2019 and beyond.

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Pro Tools bugs

PT Ultimate - Breaks Memory Location Properties

PT Ultimate jumbles saved general properties (such as Track Show/Hide, Track Heights, Window Config's, etc) in memory location markers when you change markers or on closing/reopening the session. A full preference dump has not fixed the issue.


S3 layouts maintain correct tracks when locked down so it must be the PT Ultimate.


Highly frustrating when working with big sessions!

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Pro Tools features

show offline clip in playlist

Today i receive a session from another collegue and there are more offline regione, but after a little check i see that there are no offline region in active playlist so i can work with this project, i think i usefull a function that say if offline region are corrently use in active playlist. Or using a red color for show the difference between used and unused in playlist

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Pro Tools bugs

PT 2018.7 Broken Xform Render Region naming

2018.7 bug: when dragging an Xformed region to a non-elastic track to render audio PT no longer adds the suffix Xfor-Xfor to the rendered audio filename. This makes it impossible to keep track of which clips have been processed or not, breaking a vital part of post pro workflow. See attached screen grabs for correct behaviour in 2018.4 and incorrect behaviour in 2018.7.

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Pro Tools bugs

Automated mutes design

Since the earliest days of PT automation the mutes have been a stumbling block. Somehow even if mute automation is inactive on the automation panel, they get written. I, out of habit deactivate mute automation by going to medium track view, select mute automation view, and apply option/command on the mute button - this deactivates all mute automation, making it a stupid switch. There is a world where automated mutes are... more »
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Pro Tools features

Tool to Remove Automation breakpoint stacking

Would be great to have a feature which can re-position breakpoints 2 samples apart (or whatever necessary amount based on automation type) to prevent digital glitches.

Poorly written automation with right angles on volume and pan (and any gain related plugin automation) often causes glitching, especially on low frequency audio, so having an automated process that can go through and push each breakpoint apart by a sample... more »
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Pro Tools features

Pro Tools Pan Presets

I'm finding it'd be helpful to have pan presets available, as I keep needing to apply similar surround panning to certain clips, but the current workflow is somewhat time-consuming with needing to hunt down other clips, copy panning, and paste to selection.


I've attached a mock-up image, because it is a beautiful idea that deserves immediate implementation, please, and thank you.

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Pro Tools bugs

Mod Delay set to sync makes a click in the audio when the tempo changes

I have several PT HDX systems - on all of them (and on this laptop) a tempo change makes a click in the audio if I use a mod delay set to sync.

The file attached is a 1k tone sent to a mod delay. After a few seconds the tempo changes from 120bpm to 50 bpm, and there's a nasty click in the audio.

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Pro Tools bugs

Inconsistent Single-KeyShortcuts on German Windows-Keyboard

Pro Tools Single-Key Shortcuts with german Keyboardlayout on Windows
In Pro Tools 12 on Windows 7 the single-key shortcuts in commands keyboard focus are not consistent with a German keyboard layout. This concerns all keys that do not match with the American keyboard layout, "Track-View Toggle" for example lies on the German minus-key and not on the ß-Key where it is supposed to be. The setting "Auto switch input language"... more »
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Pro Tools features

Drag and Drop from desktop conform (shortcut or GUI) option

in pro tools preferences, on the processing tab there's a way to select "no files" "rex and acid files only" or "all files" to conform to session tempo. a shortcut key like "Control" "Shift" and "C" could be a good toggle between no conversion and all files. OR maybe make a dropdown in expanded transport to easily switch. When you're working with loops and samples together, Users don't always want to conform the individual... more »