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Pro Tools features

Add Track Count Statistics

In working with Pro Tools, we usually rely on receiving an error when you are monitoring how many tracks you have already used for the session. We can always count the tracks manually, but that does not work well when you are almost at the track count limits. To alleviate this, I propose that there be a Track Count statistics window, where the following information can be seen: "Current Track Count (Maximum Track Count ...more »

Submitted by (@z3rostr1fe)


4 votes

Pro Tools bugs

On OMF Import - Main Volume Automation turned off, by default

Starting with Pro Tools 2018 (and continuing through past few updates), I noticed that OMF imports were not including volume automation by default, even though the "Import Volume Automation" radio button is checked. I discovered that I need to go into the "Track Data to Import" options, and RESELECT the 'Default' option in order to actually turn on "Main Volume Automation and Setting" (and others, though I realize OMF ...more »

Submitted by (@danieldzula)

Pro Tools bugs

Video Sync Offset Malfunctioning

Currently with video sync offset if you enter an offset in Milliseconds the actual offset only changes in a 40 ms intervals. In our system if I put in 61ms it produces an offset that is still out of sync by 20ms, if I enter 62ms then the sync jumps to -20 ms our of sync when measured. This is using the app catchin sync to measure.


Running 2018.4 with a AJA Kona LHi card.

Submitted by (@nruyle)


2 votes

Pro Tools features

Bring back the SD2 to Wav feature

One of the key qualities of Pro Tools was always its solid professionalism with regards to past sessions. Where you'd need three+ plus different versions of, say, Logic to open an older session in a current version, Pro Tools would just give you a couple of pop-up options, make a WAV copy of the SD2 files and you'd be back in business. Unfortunately this wonderful feature ended with PT 10/11. I have a large archive of ...more »

Submitted by (@hmbuff)


3 votes

Pro Tools bugs

Renaming Clip and Disk File

Please, Avid, I'm so tired of having to click OK in the dialog box when I'm renaming 384 files. In PT8 we could hold down the enter key and it would cycle each one. Please bring this back, or even the ability to "Option-Click OK to name all". We rename THOUSANDS of files per day, and this would make our workflow so much better (and so much quieter). To reproduce: Record hundreds of separate dialog files. Command-A ...more »

Submitted by (@guesthouseaudio)


7 votes